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Complexer Compressor VST/AU Plugin by Venomode

Complexer Compressor VST Plugin
Venomode introduces Complexer, a dual compressor VST/AU audio plugin, a true dynamics powerhouse for Windows and MAC OS.

Complexer packs 2 compressors in one interface allowing both serial and parallel compression for that phat New-York sound.

This plugin features all things a comppressor should have, from variable detection modes – select from 3 different detection modes: peak, average and true RMS; soft knee to loudness and much more.

Having 2 compressors in one single audio plugin allows you creative freedom over your dynamics: everything from gentle mixing and mastering, to full-on loudness smashing, and eveything in between.

Complexer was developerd from the ground up in optimised C++ for both Mac OSX and Windows in formats like 32/64-bit VST, 64-bit VST/AU. You can even share your presets between different operating systems.

More Details: Complexer

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