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ComBear FREE Compressor Plug-in by W.A Production

ComBear VST Compressor W. A. Production

W.A Production has released ComBear, a free dynamic parallel compression effect plugin that can be used for drums, synths, vocals and much more. The Idea behind this plugin was of course Parallel Compression.

Parallel Compression, also called New York Compression, is a very dynamic range compression technique that is used in sound recording and mixing. Basically, Parallel Compression is a big form of upward compression and is achieved by mixing an unprocessed “dry”, or lightly compressed signal with a heavily compressed version of the same signal.

If you need to bring more fell do your sounds then this is a great plugin to have, and best it’s FREE!

ComBear FREE Compressor Plug-in features Compress, Mix, Input Gain, Make-Up Gain, and Bypass controllers.

You can simply increase the Parallel Compression by adjusting the Compress knob.

You can download ComBear Compressor plugin for free via PluginBoutique website (link below). It’s available in VST and AU format for both Windows and MAC hosted DAWs.

Free Download: ComBear FREE Compressor

So there you have a parallel compressor, but what about a parallel equalizer? Check out the NOVA Parallel EQ, also a free plugin!

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