Colour Copy Delay VST Plugin Released by u-he

u-he Colour Copy Delay Plugin

After the public beta of Colour Copy, u-he now presents the official version 1.0 of the Colour Copy virtual-analog Bucket Brigade Delay effect (BBD). In May, this was still in a very early beta stage, but it is now available.

Colour Copy by u-he is the comprehensive development of the BBD-delay “Lyrebird” from the synthesizer Repro-1.

This characterful Delay in Repro-1 sounds extremely good and gives every sound a beautiful echo landscape with saturation, feedback, and vivid texture.

Now, this effect has been further developed as a separate plug-in and equipped with many features.

Colour Copy u-he Delay Plugin

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Colour Copy has parameters for delay times, feedback including five color types, modulations, ducking, crossfeed, etc.

This delay plugin can create a variety of varied soundscapes in a few seconds, the delays can be driven over the rain parameter to saturation.

At first glance, u-he’s Delay Plug-in looks like an ordinary Bucket Brigade Delay but is much more complex and therefore more versatile.

As the name implies, the main focus of the plug-in is on coloring the delay.

It is available as a download for Mac and Windows. The formats VST2 / VST3, AAX and Audio Unit are supported all in 32 and 64-bit versions. Colour Copy is also compatible with the Native Instruments Standard NKS.

Buy Colour Copy today from PluginBoutique where it’s priced at €60 (link below).

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