Circuit Mono Station by Novation Now Available

Novation Circuit Mono Station

Circuit Mono Station by Novation is a mono-synth, based on the in-house Bass Station II, which offers three sequencers and benefits from the advantages of the 32 touch-sensitive RGB pads you already know from Circuit.


  • Two oscillators with individual control of sync and tuning parameters.
  • The filter operates as a high, low or bandpass filter with 12 or 24 dB.
  • Three distortion modes
  • Monophones and paraphone modes with individual glide control.
  • The 4×8 modulation matrix also makes complex changes and routing possible.
  • You can save 64 patches directly at the device and reload them later.
  • 32 Stroke-sensitive RGB pads
  • 16 Tact switches
  • Changeable sync rates

The synth has two individually controllable oscillators, three distortion modes, and a multi-mode filter that can operate as a high, low or bandpass filter with 12 and 24 dB edge slope.

Sync and tuning parameters of the oscillators can be changed independently and there are four wave shapes (sawtooth, triangle, rectangle, and sample + hold), a sub-oscillator, ring modulation, and noise generator.

Novation Circuit Mono Station

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The Novation Circuit Mono Station is strikingly similar to the Circuit Groovebox, at least as far as the lower half looks and feels.

Instead of a keyboard like the Bass Station II, there are 32 touch-sensitive pads with RGB lighting. In the upper part is the sound generator, the synthesizer.

The Circuit Mono Station has two Oscillators (waveforms: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square / variable pulse width) that can be separately controlled, Sub-OSC, Ringmodulator and Noise, a multimode filter with low-, band- and highpass between 12 and 24 DB and a distortion effect with three modes.

The Circuit Mono Station outputs the sequencer data via MIDI (3.5 mm format) as well as CV / Gate signals. An analog clock can also be used as an In or Out.

The 4×8 modulation matrix allows you to use the LFO with four wave shapes, envelope curve, sequencer or Velocity as the modulation source. This also allows complex modulation of pitch, pulse width, amp, filter, distortion or CV in turn.

External audio signals can be input via an audio input and then processed with the filter and mod sequencer, for example.

Novation Circuit MonoStation is now available for €518 directly via Thoman store.

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