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Chordian FREE Kontakt Midi Sequencer by HGSounds

Chordian FREE Kontakt Midi Sequencer

Homegrown Sounds has released Chordian, a FREE Step Sequencer for Native Instruments KONTAKT 5 sampler.

Chordian uses Kontakt’s MIDI output and the sampler’s Step Sequencer. It will output a melody line, which can contain up to four notes per step and is, therefore, suitable for chord sequencing.

The instrument uses a 24-note scale remapper to force the output through a scale in the key of the note from which the sequence was triggered. There are 80 scales internally available, but any other scale can be created using the GUI scale keyboard.

Chordian has local and global matched randomizers that use three main types as well as a number of other configurable options. There is a default state that can be overridden, as well as an internal preset system for loading and saving.

The big commercial brother of Chordian, Procession uses 4 mono sequencers to create a polyphonic sequence, each with its own trigger/velocity sequencer. It is ideal for building complex polyrhythmic patterns.

Chordian is free for anyone with a Homegrown Sounds account.

More Details: Chordian

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