Cherry Snare Free VST Plugin

VST4FREE has released Cherry Snare, a sampled acoustic snare drum plugin available in VST and AU plugin format for both Windows and MAC users.

Cherry Snare contains 208 24-bit/44.1kHz samples of a custom cherry wood snare drum recorded by Ebenor Percussion using 5 microphones (2 on top, 1 at the bottom and a stereo matched pair for the room sound), giving the possibility to mix the final sound from 4 channels. Top and bottom condenser mics were recorded through a tube preamp using NOS vintage 12AX7 tubes driven to a class A digital converter. Top dynamic mic and the stereo room condenser mics were picked up from a top notch soundcard’s transistor preamps.


  • 208 samples, 24-bit / 44100 Hz
  • 5 stroke techniques
  • Up to 3 velocity layers
  • Up to 5 round-robin samples by layer

Cherry Snare is available for free from the VST4Free website and it comes in 32-bit and 64-bit VST/AU formats for PC and Mac.

More Details/Free Download: Cherry Snare

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