Burning Y Sky Kontakt InstrumentNew from Signo SFX-Instruments comes Burning Y Sky Kontakt Instrument.

Burning Y Sky Kontakt Instrument can be used for a scene in a sci-fi movie or a simple movement of a graphic object. It uses parameter “Y” of the surround panner of Kontakt to allow the user the passage of the chosen sounds, front-back or back-front to follow the movement, slow or fast, of an object in the space. Burning Y Sky can also allow the free movement in a surround environment by assigning the surround panner automation knobs to a joy stick.

Burning Y Sky defines himself as a “burning objects passing by ” instrument. For example, it could be used for a spectacular scene of sci-fi movie to a simple movement of a graphic object. A pursuit of spaceship to the entrance of particles to the atmosphere and so on. The special feature of this SFX-I is the automation of the parameter “Y” of the surround panner of Kontakt.

61 samples of original sound effects (whooshes & pass by)surround panner front-rear / rear-front with the modulation wheel (with Kontakt 4+) control panels including independent volume, pan, EQ, filter and envelope for each key of the keyboard controller (with Kontakt 4+).

STEREO FORMAT: KONTAKT 3.02+, KONTAKT 4.2.4+, EXS24, STRUCTURE – 96kHz/24bit stereo.
SURROUND PANNER FORMAT: KONTAKT 4.2.4+ – 96kHz/24bit stereo.

Price: $19.95 (CDN).

Important note: The full retail version of Kontakt 3 or later is required to use the SFX-Instrument. Surround panner preset needs Kontakt 4 or later. The free Kontakt Player can only load this instrument in demo mode for 15 minutes.

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