Brzoza Free VST Instrument for Windows by Saltline

Brzoza Free Synth VST Plugin

Saltline announces Brzoza, a free VST plugin instrument for Windows that features 6 FM synths modulators. Brzoza is a two operator mono FM synthesizer. Each operator has three, fixed route, modulators. The FM amount is controlled by the modulator’s ADSR envelopes. A wide range of sounds and textures can be created from tight, soaring leads and deep basses to “bell” like sounds and evolving textures.


2 Operators (each consisting of the following):

  • 4 waveforms (Sine, Saw, Triangle and Square)
  • Width (Square waveform)
  • Fixed or keyboard pitch
  • Octave range (32, 16, 8, 4, 2)
  • Semitone (-12 to +12)
  • Fine tune (-1 to +1 semitone, reset to 0 switch)
  • 3 stage pitch envelope (Attack, Decay, Release and Amount)
  • FM Depth (dependant on the incoming signal from the operator’s relative modulation editor Operator 1, modulator editor 1, operator 2, modulator editor 2)
  • ADSR volume envelope (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and Amount)
  • Operator pan (reset to 0 switch)

This free software synthesizer is available as 32 bit VST instrument for Windows.

Free Download at PluginBoutique: Brzoza


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