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“BRAAMS” and “Harmonics” Released by SampleTraxx


SampleTraxx has released two new libraries: “BRAAMS” and “Harmonics“.

“Braams” is a whole collection dedicated to this category of sound. Featuring 130 sounds of low-end musical tones, distant horns, massive low brass, bass morph and low-key sound effects which doesn’t yet have a name, all in designed and single elements version.

Features:  130 .Wav 96/24 royalty free sound effects with pitch information.



“Harmonics” is a sound collection dedicated to the exploration of resonating metals to create an extensive set of sonic material for sound design and film scoring.

The sonic material contained in the pack is all presented in a designed fashion and different levels of design are provided from simple elements to evolving multilayered soundscapes and textures, all based on metallic sources.


  • 86 Designed Textures and Elements (dur. up to 1’10″)
  • 37 Hits (Hi and Low Designed Hits)
  • 10 Drones
  • 26 Pass-by Reverse
  • 9 Tibetan Bowl (Raw Recordings)