BLOQ – Kontakt Vintage Drum Machine by Sample Magic

BLOQ Kontakt Vintage Drum Machine

Sample Magic intros BLOQ, a vintage synth and drum machine virtual instrument designed for Kontakt, that also includes patches for Ableton and Logic.

BLOQ is built from an extensive (2.6GB) sample collection (7300 unique samples at 24-bit resolution) of an enviable line-up of 17 synthesizers and 13 drum machines including the Roland TR-808, TR-909, TB-303, Jupiter 8, Jupiter 6, SH-101, Arp Odyssey, Sequential Circuits Pro-One, Prophet 5, Clavia Nord Lead 4 and Akai MPC 60.

The BLOQ virtual instrument also contains a variety of features, such as a 32 Step Sequencer, an extensive FX section, a separate comprehensive drum module, 24-bit samples recorded through the finest channel strips, and customized sound design by Sample Magic co-founder and producer Sharooz with script designed by Matt Fudge (Transistor Revolution Series).

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