Review: PolyKB III Synthesizer Plugin by XILS-Lab

This time I am glad to discover with you a new synthesizer plugin, developed by the french team Xils-Lab, called PolyKB III. This is a kind of developer having great products with advanced synthesis, and they made PolyKB III as a virtual copy of existing hardware, the rare French analog synthesizer RSF PolyKobol. With a […]

Review: World Suite Sample Library by UVI

In this review, we will be going over a new UVI sound library called World Suite. World Suite is a collection of over 320 virtual instruments compiled from over 50,000 samples and 8000 loops and phrases, totaling over 28 GB in size it’s safe to say that is quite an expansive resource of ethnic sounds […]

Review: TimeShaper Multi-Effect by Cableguys

I’ve got to admit that every time I get a plugin that does things that no other plugins do I get absolutely excited, and yeah, this is the case! CableGuys has launched the TimeShaper plugin, which they claim it can “Shape the flow of time to create everything from essential everyday FX to unique multi-band […]

Review: REPRO-1 Software Synthesizer by u-he

In this review we are going to test and review the newly released monosynth from u-he called Repro-1 which is a component level emulation of a really awesome monosynth that came out during the time of the Roland SH101 and the Moog Prodigy. The Sequential Circuits Pro-One today is known for some of the most iconic […]

Review: MONIQUE Software Synthesizer by Monoplugs

Monique - Free Bass and Lead Synthesizer VST Plugin

Monoplugs has just released a new original synthesizer called Monique, available for Mac and PC (Windows, Linux). It’s ready as VST, VST3, AU, or Standalone versions. This is a morphing 3-OSC synthesizer driving a synthesis based on 2 different presets, giving a powerful audio chain mostly with high-quality oscillators and a feature called Morph Mixer. […]

Review: Film Score Companion by SONiVOX

The “orchestra”. When this word is mentioned, images of grandeur, stained wood paneling and that deep burgundy on theater carpet. Aurally, it invokes a lush chorus of strings, reeds, bows, and mallets, working in unison to recreate a classical composition that has survived the ages, or crashing like a behemoth out of your speakers to […]

Review: Regroover Virtual Beat Machine by Accusonus

Accusonus released a new plugin called Regroover Pro, giving us a rare and awesome feature, this plugin is the bigger version of Regrrover Essential, allowing separation on 4 to 6 layers from a standard Wav/Aiff file by frequencies, dynamics, magic audio algorithms, all this to allow the extract and tweaking of any rendered new audio […]

Review: Predator 2 Synthesizer by Rob Papen

Rob Papen Predator 2 VST Synthesizer

I am glad to review a fantastic new plugin for Mac and Windows released by the Rob Papen team. This one is called Predator 2, it’s the following product of the already beloved plugin Predator. I installed the VSTi 64 bits version of Predator 2 on Windows 7, using FL Studio as host. In all […]

Review: “Symphony Essentials” Library by Native Instruments

In this review, we will be going over the new Kontakt sound library created by Native Instruments called Symphony Essentials which is a five part library with everything you need to create a beautiful symphony right in the comfort of your own studio. Native Instruments has collaborated with Soundiron for the woodwind and brass sections, the […]

Review: Pro-R Reverb Plugin by FabFilter

Introduction To discuss a plug-in dedicated to the creation of reflections, I first will talk about the lack of them. Without echoes and fluctuations in volume, we as a species, and many others would not be able to figure out the distance between us and the source of a noise without visual cues, and thus, […]

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