Review: DW Drum Enhancer Plug-in by Audified

Audified has teamed up DW (Drum Workshop) to create DW Drum Enhancer, a complex effect chain VST plugin for your drum processing. The plugin features Gate, Compression, Eq and a variety of saturation possibilities all bundled together. The idea is to give you a quick high-quality solution for getting precisely the drum sound you’re looking for […]

Review: Arturia V Collection 6 Virtual Synthesizers

Arturia V Collection 6 is a software emulation anthology of the most legendary synthesizers ever produced. If there are any synths you’ve admired and dreamed of owning you’ll probably find them here in this collection. The V Collection has become somewhat legendary itself and is hands down the best and most economical way to own […]

Review: SEKTOR Software Synthesizer by Initial Audio

In this review, we are going to be going over Initial Audio’s new wavetable synth called SEKTOR. Sektor at first glance is a two oscillator wavetable synth with all of the standard features you would expect Like filters, effects envelopes and LFO’s but dig a bit deeper and you will find a lot of really […]

Review: Harrison MIXBUS Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

The time has come to test and review a new DAW! Harrison Mixbus is basically a DAW to produce music with. What makes it different from other DAWS is that it’s profiled after a very popular large format mix console from the 70´s. Harrison Console’s have been used on some of the most iconic records […]

Review: Klip Kontakt Drum Machine by Sample Magic

Klip is a new very interesting sample-based Kontakt virtual drum machine developed by those from Sample Magic. Equipped with many different sequencers, this Kontakt instrument has been designed to create grooves. And that seems to work really well at first glance. You can easily create grooves with the plug-in, which should also lay the foundation […]

Review: OZONE 8 + NEUTRON 2 by iZotope

What might be behind this chemical inspired name? Okay, we all guessed it as soon as we read Izotope. It is of course about “Ozone 8” and “Neutron 2”, recently released by Izotope and one of the, if not the, most used mixing and mastering VST solutions of today. I for one was not really […]

Review: Hans Zimmer Percussion – Professional Kontakt Library

If you were, like me, a little confused at first about Spitfire Audio releasing another Hans Zimmer Percussion Library, don’t worry, I totally understand. The thing is, they didn’t really, and yet, they did, and it is actually quite good and worth considering. Let me explain what actually happened. What is “Hans Zimmer Percussion (Professional)”? […]

Review: Bx_Console E and G Series by Brainworx

In this review, we are going to be going over two sister plugins the Bx_Console G and the Bx_Console E by Brainworx. These two plugins are emulations of the legendary British G and E Consoles which can be heard on countless hit records by many of your favorite A-list artists like Metallica, Genesis, Kendrick Lamar, […]