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Review: LALA – My Go-To Free Vocal Compressor VST Plugin

My Go-To Free Vocal Compressor Plugin Analog Obsession LALA

The Analog Obsession LALA free VST plugin is a simulation of the iconic Teletronix LA-2A optical limiter/compressor with some additional features designed to enhance its functionality. In this review, we will take a closer look at LALA’s capabilities, including its filter sidechain, external sidechain, and mix controls. LALA is an emulation of the Teletronix LA-2A […]

Review: Initial Audio Master Suite Mastering Plugin

Review Initial Audio Master Suite Mastering VST Plugin

After the recording and mixdown of a song, the pre-mastering follows, colloquially also called “mastering”. In this final step of the production (among other things) the final touch is given to the overall sound. There are different ways to master songs. Ideally, mastering will be done by someone who hasn’t been involved in beat production, […]

Review: Free Beat Zampler RX Sampler VST Plugin

Review Beat Zampler Free VST Sampler Player

Beat Zampler RX is a free sampler plugin that includes a variety of ways to sculpt and manipulate REX and SFZ sounds and samples. Zampler RX offers numerous advantages in music production. Low CPU consumption despite complex sounds and thousands of free samples are among the most powerful arguments. Zampler RX processes the widespread formats […]

Review: Baby Audio Smooth Operator VST Plugin

Review Baby Audio Smooth Operator VST Plugin

Baby Audio Smooth Operator is a kind of “smart” dynamic EQ and multi-band compressor plugin that is designed to quickly and easily remove muddy and raspy audio. In addition, it makes them sound better, more balanced, and smoother! The Smooth Operator relies on spectral processing and balance. The basic principle is theoretically simple: The signal […]

Review: Xpand 2 Software Synthesizer VST Plugin

Review Xpand 2 Software Synthesizer VST Plugin

Xpand!2 software synthesizer plugin covers many sound standards across genres, from Trap, Hip-Hop, RnB to EDM, Pop, and House, you are covered! For a long time available exclusively for the ProTools platform, the XXL sound preserve Xpand! 2 is finally also available as an AudioUnit (AU) and VST plug-in and thus making it available for […]

Review: Tone2 Gladiator 3 Software Synthesizer Plugin

Review Tone 2 Gladiator Software Synthesizer Plugin

Gladiator 3 software synthesizer by Tone2 opens the gates for a new generation of sounds! What makes Gladiator 3 special is its numerous synthesis options. No fewer than 15 shapes are available, such as Subtractive, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Waveshaping, Super Saw, Additive Spectra, etc., which can be combined with each other in almost […]

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