Neumann MA 1 – New Studio Monitor Calibration System

Neumann MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment System

The German company Neumann announced the release of MA1, a studio monitor calibration system, which was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IIS audio processing institute. The MA 1 kit includes an individually calibrated measurement microphone and setup software. According to Neumann, using their system will provide the best sound quality for monitoring in any […]

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Series – USB MIDI Keyboards (25, 49, 61 Keys)

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Seris MIDI Keyboards

The Oxygen Pro series is new, here M-Audio sets the bar higher than usual. The Oxygen Pro USB Keyboard Controllers are available with 25, 49, and 61 standard keys. There is also the compact Oxygen Pro Mini, which has 32 mini buttons. All models are USB-powered and feature an OLED display, “Smart Chord” scale function […]

Beat Workzone Brings Bitwig 8-Track For Only 9,99 Euro

Beat Workzone 01-2021 14 Gb Free Synths Sounds

Bitwig 8-Track and Native Instruments TRK-01 Bass are now available for only 9,99 Euro with the latest issue of the Beat Workzone edition. Together with Voltage Modular Beat Edition and 14 GB of plugins and samples. Creative DAW? check. Audio tracks, automation? – Check. Synths, effects, VST plug-ins? – Check. Whether for producing, jamming, for […]

Beat Magazine #179 Is Out – 12 GB Of Free Sounds & Plug-ins

Beat Magazine #179 IK Multimedia Tape Echo

IK Tape Echo is now available for only 5,49 euros with the latest issue of Beat Magazine. Together with Voltage Modular Beat Edition, as well as 12 GB of plugins and samples. With Tape Echo, IK Multimedia has created a virtual monument to the legendary Maestro Echoplex EP-3 from 1969. It recreates the distinctive vintage […]

AAS Chromaphone 3 – Physical Modeling Synthesizer Is Out!

AAS Chromaphone 3 VST Plugin

Applied Acoustics System publishes the AAS Chromaphone 3, a revised version of the Physical Modeling Synthesizer. Chromaphone 3 is a synthesizer that emulates physical models of objects. There are eight resonators to choose from, which represent different shapes and materials: Beam, Marimba, Closed Tube, Plate, Drumhead, Membrane, Open Tube, and String. These objects can be […]

Blade 2 – New Software Synthesizer Released by Rob Papen

Blade 2 Rob Papen Synthesizer VST Plugin

With Blade 2, Rob Papen publishes a revised version of its Blade first version synthesizer plug-in. After all, Blade has been on the market for eight years, so this is a breath of fresh air. The synthesis concept of Blade 2 is based on the dynamic control of “Waveform Harmonics”, the so-called Harmolator, via an […]

Shure MV7 – New Dynamic Microphone Based On The SM7B

Shure MV7 - New Dynamic Microphone For Podcasts

Shure has presented the MV7, a supposed successor of their Shure SM7B which has been available for many years and you can find it again in many studios despite (or because of?) its age- at least visually, the new Shure MV7 seems to come very close to its brother. In fact, Shure states that the […]

Bitwig September Giveaway With Beat Magazine

Beat Bitwig Giveaway September

At Beat Magazine’s September Giveaway you now have the chance to get a full version of Bitwig Studio 3. Extensive playground, clip-based performances, linear recording, integration of hardware and modular systems, endless onboard effects, great synthesizers, practical tools from the vital community and and and and … is something still missing? Probably not, because Bitwig […]