FX Samplepack New from 123Creative

123creative releases FX Samplepack for dance digital music production. This FX Samplepack contains more than 200 FX sound effects / FX samples for every music style production, from electro-house, psytrance, progressive trance, drum and bass, electro to various experimental styles. From fresh and positive dance FXs to mysterious and dark FX sounds from outer space. […]

Rev250 New VST by SKnote

SKnote has released Rev250, digital reverb and multi-effect modeled VST plugin. The main purpose is to design deep and warm sounds.  All stages have been modeled, including the input filtering and analog/digital conversion stage. Includes additional effects from the original units: chorus, phaser, delay. Interface includes: Internal level control (input gain, compensated for at the output), for the […]

Behemoth free VST Instrument by Torn Sub

Torn Sub has just released a new free VST Instrument Behemoth, a free plugin which simulates the sound of the legendary E-bass guitars alongside with true fat analog synths from the past and the present and much more. Our goal is to find easy to use ,cheap,intuative but, yet powerful and qualitative ways to make your next […]

New Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate by Native Instruments

Native Instruments today announced the new generation of its two Komplete software bundles. Komplete 9 includes 33 virtual instruments and effects with six new additions, including the brand-new Monark monosynth, plus the completely redesigned Battery 4 drum sampler. Komplete 9 Ultimate includes all 65 current Komplete Instruments and Effects at the time of release and […]

Kick Masters – Techno sample pack by Zenhiser

Zenhiser released a new Kick Masters Techno sample pack who featuring kick drum samples. All audio files within this sample pack are 48 kHz 24-bit Wav files. These sample packs, audio samples are bpm tagged and key information added to the filename (where applicable) for ease of use and speedy compatibility. We’re back with another […]

New Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 by Propellerhead

Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 are very close to release. New Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 announced by Propellerhead. This will be a major version of its Reason music software. With over 90 third party Rack Extensions expanding Reason’s rack of instruments and effects already available, Propellerhead has focused its attention on new creative and inspirational improvements for the […]

J Mixtools 33 – Mix FX V3 by Loopmasters

Loopmasters has launched Mix FX V3, the 33rd release in the DJ Mixtools series of sample packs for DJs and producers. MIX FX V3 is a brand new collection of DJ FX, Long Evolving Atmospheric Loops, Risers and Impacts which Producers and DJs alike will find invaluable in the Mix, or used to create tension and release […]