FireCobra Intelligent Mix Enhancer Plugin by FireSonic

FireCobra VST Plugin UnitedPlugins

United Plugins founding independent developer FireSonic feels compelled to create smart, easy-to-use tools that can be put to good use on any track to make it sound better, because — let’s face it — most music productions benefit from a little enhancement here and there! With that thought in mind, FireCobra combines the accuracy of […]

Submarine – Subharmonic Plugin Generator by Waves

Waves Submarine Plugin

Waves is announcing a new plugin called Submarine, dedicated to generating of subwoofers and bass enhancement in general. Submarine adds additional sub-bass frequencies to the signal with the possibility of lowering it to two octaves. At the same time, all original sound characteristics are preserved. Users can select the desired frequency range (20 – 240 […]

Analog Pro – Tape Saturation Plugin by Initial-Audio

Analog Pro - LoFi Saturation VST Plugin

Initial Audio are announcing the release of Analog Pro, a new VST, AU plugin dedicated to simulating the lo-fi heat of analog equipment such as tape machines, valves, and vinyl. Analog Pro by Initial Audio is designed to give the digital “cold” the popular analog “warmth”. The plug-in achieves this through the simulation of tape […]

Kinetik Compressor, EQ & Overdrive Plugin by SoundSpot

SoundSpot - Kinetik VST Plugin

SoundSpot has recently released a new effect plugin called Kinetik, which is the result of their collaboration with the UK top-producer Ian Standerwick. Kinetik plugin is a unique tool that encapsulates and represents Standerwick’s production workflow. Kinetik includes a compressor, an EQ and Overdrive effect in one single easy to use user interface. Kinetik is […]

Rob Papen’s RP-Reverse – Reversing Effect VST Plug-in

Rob Papen - RP-Reverse VST Plugin

Rob Papen’s RP-Reverse is an original plugin concept that takes advantage of the idea of ​​the reverse to generate all kinds of processes that can be useful in the production of different types of instruments. With RP-Reverse Rob Papen expands his range of effect plug-ins and thus also the Explorer-5 Bundle. The name RP-Reverse makes […]

X-Eight LITE – Free VST Bass Plugin (Free Download)

X-Eight - Bass Free VST Plugin

X-Eight Lite is the free version of the X-Eight VST Plugin. With a simplified interface and 50 presets this virtual instrument is ideal to create sub-bass in the style of 808. On the main interface, we see the preset browser and the ADSR controls plus the big knob for Volume. Download this free version for […]

Antares Auto-Tune PRO – Vocal Processing Plugin Overview

Antares Auto-Tune Pro

Antares Auto-Tune, the notorious plug-in, which primarily serves to correct intonation of needy vocal tracks, has been around for over 20 years. The ninth program version following Auto-Tune 8 is now called Auto-Tune Pro and comes with a completely redesigned GUI in a stylish black look. Antares Auto-Tune is a program that primarily serves to […]

Cyclop – The Bass Monster VST/AU Synthesizer

Cyclop Bass Synthesizer VST Plugin

In the electronic music genre, rich bass sounds have recently become popular again. Without wobble bass, Dubstep would only be a badly arranged breakbeat and acid without TB 303 would simply be boring Berlin Techno. Cyclop synth plugin by Sugar Bytes company offers extremely many possibilities for sound design that do not necessarily result in bass […]

Enso – Multi-Effect VST Plugin by Audio Damage

Audio Damage - ENSO - VST Effect

Audio Damage releases ENSO, a new multi-effect audio plug-in which in essence is a loop sampler designed primarily for live use, but also for the studio for a fast and intuitive sampling of all sorts of sounds. The concept is not very new but unfortunately has disappeared a bit from the scene in recent years. […]

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