Baby Audio IHNY-2 NY Parallel Compressor Plugin Is Out

Baby Audio IHNY-2 NY Compressor Plugin

Baby Audio is now three years old and therefore at crawling age. For the birthday, the manufacturer takes on the first own plugin again and improves it in the important places. IHNY-2 or I Heart NY 2 audio plugin takes on New York Compression again, a popular studio trick for more punch and more powerful […]

Visual Synthesizer Update 1.3.3 – MIDI file preview, 4K and MP3 support!

Imaginando Visual Synthesizer V1.3.3

Imaginando announces the release of VS – Visual Synthesizer v1.3.3 plugin update. This new version includes a couple of highly requested features, with enhancements to the audio/MIDI file loader and video recording functions. In addition to showing the waveform preview for audio files, the file loader area can now display a visual representation of MIDI […]

Imaginando FRMS 1.7.0 New Update Is Out

FRMS Software Synthesizer 1.7.0 Update

Imaginando has released a brand new version of FRMS for you, including a fresh set of orchestral-inspired patches, with the all-new ‘Sounds Of Bassoon’ preset pack, now available in FRMS v1.7.0! After the popularity and success of the ‘Sounds of Saxophone’ and ‘Sounds of Clarinet’ packs, Lucas is back with some more woodwind wizardry to […]

Review: Sugar Bytes Egoist Plugin – Groove in a Box

Review Sugar Bytes Egoist Plugin

Sugar Bytes Egoist plugin combines a slicer with a sequencer, a virtual analog bass with a bass line, a sample-based drum machine, and a multi-effect sequencer in a unique groove box. To get started, feed Egoist with a music sample. This can also be a longer audio clip, also from the supplied factory repertoire. This […]

Audiomodern FREE Panflow Panning VST Plugin

Audiomodern FREE Panflow Panning VST Plugin

Audio panning plays a big role in professional mixing. Mixing artists often distribute signals in the stereo field to create spaces and make mixes sound more realistic. The pan controls of DAWs usually offer only a few options. Panflow from Audiomoders, on the other hand, is bursting with possibilities. Panflow is a creative panning free […]

Review: Free Beat Zampler RX Sampler VST Plugin

Review Beat Zampler Free VST Sampler Player

Beat Zampler RX is a free sampler plugin that includes a variety of ways to sculpt and manipulate REX and SFZ sounds and samples. Zampler RX offers numerous advantages in music production. Low CPU consumption despite complex sounds and thousands of free samples are among the most powerful arguments. Zampler RX processes the widespread formats […]

Best EQ (Equalizers) VST Plugins For Producers

Best EQ (Equalizers) VST Plugins For Producers

An equalizer is a device (or program) designed to amplify or attenuate a certain frequency of an audio signal. They are found in both consumer and professional audio equipment. The most common and simple equalizers are tone controls, which are often used in consumer audio electronics, guitars, and instrumental amplifiers. They help to shape the […]

Bitwig Studio 4.2 – New Free DAW Update Available

Bitwig Studio 4.2 - New Free DAW Update Available

Bitwig is releasing an update to its digital audio workstation (DAW) Biwig Studio, that adds new sound effects and other features. Version 4.2 has three new effects: Chorus+, Flanger+, and Phaser+. Each of these modulation effects offers four different sound modes with their own DSP architecture. In addition, it is possible to animate the algorithms […]

Review: Baby Audio Smooth Operator VST Plugin

Review Baby Audio Smooth Operator VST Plugin

Baby Audio Smooth Operator is a kind of “smart” dynamic EQ and multi-band compressor plugin that is designed to quickly and easily remove muddy and raspy audio. In addition, it makes them sound better, more balanced, and smoother! The Smooth Operator relies on spectral processing and balance. The basic principle is theoretically simple: The signal […]

Update: NoiseAsh Plugins AppleSilicon Support


We are happy to announce that all Noiseash audio plugins are now natively Apple Silicon compatible now for M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max chipset macs in macOS Big Sur and Monterey. Also, DSP performance improvement updates have been added. Vocal Finalizer (v1.3.9) Rule Tec Heritage Pro (v1.8.2) Need 31102 Console EQ (v1.7.9) […]

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