Apogee BOOM – New USB Portable Audio Interface With DSP

Apogee Electronics BOOM Desktop USB Audio Interface

Apogee announces the release of BOOM, one of the most affordable USB audio interfaces, which offers high-quality sound in a compact format. The novelty is equipped with a loop-back function and converters with support up to 192 kHz/24 bits, a dynamic range of 117 dB, and Kg + noise -107 dB. In addition to the […]

SmplTrek: Portable Production Sampler on Kickstarter

SmplTrek Sampler Kick Starter

Our friends from Sonicware (Japan) are proud to announce their new product called “SmplTrek”, which wants to be a “Portable Production Sampler”!  The SmplTrek will be announced and released on Kickstarter. So if you want to get involved in this project you can help finance it starting with 1st April 2022. A game-changing handy sampler […]

Audio Interface VS Preamplifier. What Is The difference?

Audio Interface VS Preamplifier What Is The difference

Preamps and audio interfaces are essential to any modern digital recording setup. These two terms are often used side by side, and we will try to delve into the differences between a preamplifier and a sound card. What is the difference and what exactly to choose? You will find the answer below. What is the […]

Windows 11 Compatibility With Audio Software & Hardware

Windows 11 Compatibility With Audio Software Hardware

The arrival of a new operating system, such as Windows 11, is always accompanied by the lights, whistles, and flashes of its news – but we also hear (and broadcast) the alarms for those systems that are not yet compatible. This is well known by macOS users, and in the case of Windows, it is […]

AKAI Professional Unveils The New MPC Studio Controller

MPC Studio Beat Machine 2021

MPC STUDIO: AN EXCEPTIONAL MODERN MUSIC PRODUCTION SOLUTION Akai Professional is proud to announce the release of MPC Studio – the new MPC Studio redefines tactile control with a hardware offering that intuitively delivers a modern and deep level of command over the music production process. This is a dedicated controller for MPC 2 desktop […]

Top 10 Must Have Gadgets for Musicians

You know what they say about music being the food for the soul. In this technological age, music is probably more than that. There are several gadgets that have made interaction and access to music a very wonderful experience. Whether you are a music producer or a music lover, certain gadgets will definitely enhance your […]

Vox VGH Rock – Headphones With Built-in Guitar AMP

Vox has released the VGH Rock closed-back headphones, which were developed in collaboration with Audio-Technica. The novelty has a built-in guitar amp based on popular amps from the 80s and 90s, which also has several effects for processing. Vox VGH Rock is equipped with dynamic 40 mm drivers and is capable of reproducing frequencies from […]

Novation Circuit Tracks – Modern Standalone Groovebox

Novation Circuit Tracks Groovebox

Novation introduced the Circuit Tracks compact standalone groovebox based on the Circuit model released in 2015. The novelty differs from the original device by its support for more tracks, an improved sequencer, and wider switching capabilities. Novation Circuit Tracks allows you to trigger audio clips and audio samples, create synth parts, work with MIDI files, […]

Review: Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Guitar Pedal

Review Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine Guitar Pedal

Definitely, a guitar and an organ sound pretty good in any concert. With a simple layout, the Electro-Harmonix B9 Organ Machine is to the point with no exaggeration. The click knob has five control variations that allow access to manipulate and control the ratio of the organ signal and the dry signal. A knob is […]

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