Blade 2 – New Software Synthesizer Released by Rob Papen

Blade 2 Rob Papen Synthesizer VST Plugin

With Blade 2, Rob Papen publishes a revised version of its Blade first version synthesizer plug-in. After all, Blade has been on the market for eight years, so this is a breath of fresh air.

The synthesis concept of Blade 2 is based on the dynamic control of “Waveform Harmonics”, the so-called Harmolator, via an X / Y pad. The movements of the X / Y control can be recorded, edited and played back in synchronization with the tempo. This control can now be applied to all other parameters in Blade 2.

Parallel to the Harmolator mode, there is now the Additive mode, with which you can cross-fade between four “Additive Waveforms” via the X / Y pad. This turns Blade 2 into a vector synthesizer, so to speak. There is already a large selection of waveforms ex-works, which can also be edited in order to create your own source material.

Blade 2 Rob Papen Synthesizer Plugin

With the wave section, static spectra can be obtained from samples, which can be used in the Harmolator as well as in the additive section and edited there if necessary. A classic VA oscillator and a noise generator with a tuned noise option have been added to complement the sounds.

The filter section was increased to 32 different filter types. The arpeggiator has been significantly expanded and can now, among other things, control the X / Y positions of the pad and can also handle ratcheting.
For modulation, additional envelopes and LFOs as well as a mod matrix with advanced mode have been added.

And as with all Rob Papen synthesizer plugins, there is a high-quality effects section. Blade 2 has three multi-FX processors with algorithms of the usual quality. The completely redesigned user interface of the synth plug-in can be switched to the easy mode, which enables effective editing of the sounds with just a few parameters, without having to go into depth.

Blade 2 is priced at $99 and is compatible with Windows and MAC, as VST, AU, and AAX audio plugins. Owners of the first version of Blade can upgrade to Blade 2 for 39 euros. You can find more about this plugin at our partner’s website PluginBoutique.

Link: Rob Papen Blade 2

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