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BitWig Studio Beta 1.2 Music Software Announced by Bitwig

BitWig Studio Beta 1.2 Music Software

Bitwig announced the availability of BitWig Studio Beta 1.2, a new beta update for their Bitwig Studio music software. This beta update is the biggest update of Bitwig Studio and is now available to all Bitwig Studio license holders.

BitWig Studio Beta 1.2 brings new fixes, additions, and over 20 outstanding new features:

  • Group Tracks – quickly manage multiple parts of a mix at once
  • Pop-up Browser – view of all available sounds in one category
  • Histogram Display for Dynamic Devices – makes use of scale, light, shade, and volume on an XY grid to visualize sounds
  • Project Templates- eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Support for High-DPI and Retina displays
  • Customizable Shortcuts – you can now customize shortcuts
  • Per Project Mappings
  • Expressive MIDI Support
  • Oscilloscope
  • Device Inspector
  • Delay-4
  • Expand Clip Height
  • High-DPI and Retina Display Support
  • Jack Support + Jack Transport
  • Poly to Mono Modulation Mappings
  • Pressure Note Expression
  • Roger Linn “LinnStrument” Support
  • Roli “Seaboard” Support
  • …and more

This Bitwig Studio Beta 1.2 version is “a near” complete version of an actual release that still requires testing and is available only for BitWig customers. You can effectively help and improve this music program by sending your feedback to Bitwig team.

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2017 UPDATE: Bitwig Studio 2 is out!

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