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Bitwig Studio 5 DAW Is About To Be Released

Bitwig Studio 5 DAW Is About To Be Released

Btiwig Studio 5 has been officially announced and will be available soon. Bitwig Studio is a digital audio workstation (DAW) designed for music production, performance, and DJing developed by Bitwig GmbH – a music software company founded in Berlin, Germany in 2009 by former Ableton developers.

Bitwig Studio 5 features an array of exciting enhancements, including five unique MSEGs, expanded capabilities for the Clip Launcher, redesigned browsers, and upgrades to the modulation system. The improvements allow for greater control of both track- and project-level parameters and expandable modulators with pop-out windows. With the added ability to draw custom envelopes and LFOs, the new features unlock innovative possibilities for live performances.

The new version brings an updated browser system that offers a more efficient and visually engaging user experience. All search results for plug-ins, presets, wavetables, and other content types can now be accessed from a single location. Moreover, users can customize a shortcuts pane to easily access frequently-used sound packages, content types (such as drum hits, samples, or wavetables), or folders.

Another novelty is a multi-segment envelope generator (MSEG) is a versatile tool that allows users to create customized signals for a variety of applications, including envelopes, automation shapes, looping patterns, oscillator curves, waveshapers, and sequencers. Bitwig Studio 5 includes five different types of MSEGs that can be utilized as Grid modules, with two of them also functioning as modulators. By separating the devices, each MSEG is optimized for its specific task: Segments, Curves, Scrawl, Slopes, and Transfer.


Bitwig Studio’s modulation system is characterized by its elegantly straightforward approach, allowing any control source — be it an audio or CV signal. With the latest version (Bitwig Studio 5), the scope of the modulators has been broadened to encompass not just devices, but also mixer and project controls. This means that a single LFO can now modulate any device on the same track, in addition to affecting the track’s panning, sends, and other parameters. Moreover, by shifting that LFO to the project level, users can apply modulations to all devices, channel strips, and transport targets.

Bitwig Studio’s Clip Launcher was also updated with new features that make live performances even more thrilling than before. One of the key enhancements is the ability for users to specify the Next Actions that will occur when a key or pad is released, in addition to when it’s launched. Moreover, ALT triggers have been added as a secondary option for triggering scenes or clips. These features give performers greater control over the unfolding of their set, allowing them to tap a clip to launch it at the next bar line or use the ALT trigger to instantly switch to a new clip.

All these innovations make Bitwig Studio 5 one of the most popular music production software.

The beta version of Bitwig Studio 5 is now available for testing to all users with an active Bitwig Studio license and an Upgrade Plan. The installation files can be found in the user profiles. The official release is slated for Q2 of this year. It’s worth noting that this update is free of charge for all license holders with an active Upgrade Plan at the time of the official release.

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