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Bitwig Studio 1.3 “Multi-Touch” Released by Bitwig

Bitwig Studio 1.3 Multi-Touch

Bitwig announced this week Bitwig Studio 1.3, a new version for their popular music software. Bitwig Studio 1.3 brings many new innovations and features such as the multi-touch functionality. This new feature significantly improves the workflow. Other important features are Tablet display profile, Gestures, Pen control, and more.

New Bitwig Studio 1.3

Now you can manipulate your ‘arrangement’ in new and intuitive ways using multi-touch and gestures. Bitwig Studio is literally at your fingertips.

The Bitwig Studio 1.3 release candidate is available for all three platforms, including multi-touch on Windows, Linux, and optimized with a special display profile for Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book.

Mac OS X does not fully support multi-touch at this time, but Bitwig Studio is ready when that day comes. In the meantime, Mac users will be happy to find several bug fixes and the new E-Cowbell device while they wait.

Let’s recap the main functions:

  • Multi-Touch – You can control multiple faders, knobs, and device displays at the same time. Tis feature is limited only by the capabilities of the hardware on which Bitwig Studio is installed.
  • Radial Menu – You can press and hold anywhere on the screen for a quick access menu for multiple actions.
  • Touch Keyboard – An integrated keyboard that includes X/Y axis controls, independent for each finger. “Pressure”, and additional dimension,  is available when using the Touch Keyboard with Pen and Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • Track Header – One single button has effectively replaced four. Simply tap and swipe in a direction to activate.
  • New E-Cowbell Device

You can see all of these new features and functions in the video below.

Update: Bitwig Studio 2 is out!

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