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5 Best Websites Where To Sell Hip-Hop Trap RnB Beats Online

Best Website Where To Sell Hip-Hop Trap RnB Beats Online

Today’s music producers are essentially content creators. Beats, soundtracks, and samples are bought and sold everywhere we look; we hear the results of someone’s success. Think of your favorite movie, and then think of the soundtrack. Someone was paid for it…

As a beatmaker, you can create a good Hip Hop instrumental in a few hours and then sell it on the Internet the same day. In other niches, things are slightly more complicated; think how much effort and time is needed to create a computer software …much more than for a beat, I’m sure.

So…where can I sell my beats? If you finally consider selling your beats online, you must decide how you want to do it. The Internet is the handiest place to sell Hip Hop beats online. With a little effort, you can create your own Hip Hop beats store, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can create a sales system in WordPress, for example, and connect it to Woocommerce and manage your whole cake, Or you can leave most of the work involved in certain processes to platforms such as Airbit, Beatstars, Traktrain, Soundcloud, etc.

On the platforms we will present below, a large community of producers offers high-quality beats…but remember this: the competition is high! That is why you must ensure that your product (your beats) is quality before taking any other action.

Best websites where you can sell your beats online in 2022:


Beatstars.com Selling Hip Hop Beats

BeatStars.com is the most popular website where you can sell Hip Hop beats online, used by tens of thousands of music producers worldwide. !llmind, Dame Ritter, or Focus… are just some of the beatmakers who choose to sell their beats on BeatStars.com

This website offers you a wide range of ways to promote your beats and cooperate with other artists and producers via their “Collabos” feature, where artists and producers can work together and even share their gains from sales. It is the only website that offers this possibility, which is pretty interesting!

To start your professional career, you must choose a monthly subscription plan to be able to market your music and obtain all the advantages it offers, such as distribution in the Beatstars marketplace, registration of works for monetization on SoundCloud, sale of personalized services such as mixing or mastering and much more all that from your account.

To simplify everything even more, the Beatstars website has incorporated a very complete player in which your entire catalog of beats will be presented, giving you the possibility of creating different types of licenses so that you can create “LEASES”. Each license incorporates a written agreement for each lease of beats you make. Establishing default clauses that the platform itself facilitates or with the possibility of writing your license agreements yourself.


Airbit Online Beat Store

MyFlashStore is now AIRBIT, another great marketplace for producers to sell their beats online. The Cratez, DG Beats, Tone Jonez, and Geniusboy, are just some of the producers of the top chart.

Main features: 0% commission, Flash / HTML5 stores, instant payment, custom voice tags, mobile compatibility, custom licenses, discounts, coupons, mailing list integration, and other great features that will help you promote and increase your beat sales.


Soundclick Sell Beats Online

SoundClick.com is one of the veteran sites (established in 1997) where many beatmakers have started their career and have made their name among the best producers in the industry. With over 5 million members, it is a huge community. You can easily sell music and beats with access to a huge market. Recently, the Soundclick site has received a new, modern, and responsive design, making navigating and browsing the categories and sections much easier.

Main Features: huge community, free artist page, free MP3 store, unlimited song uploads, gig calendar, music charts, and more, connect directly with bands.


TRAKTRAIN is an invitation-only site for buying, selling, and leasing beats. Traktrain takes no fee from sales and keeps an invite-only structure (so buyers know they’re accessing a curated marketplace of quality instrumentals). Their memberships exist on a tiered basis, starting with a free basic account through to paid options of $9 and $19 a month – affording users additional benefits such as extra uploads.

Main features: free HTML5 player, instant payments, extended network sales, and forums.

Buy Exclusive Beats

99 Beats Buy Exclusive Beats

99Beats is another online platform where you can sell your beats and earn a passive income. You will keep 100% of your price and earn a 30-40% commission when your customers buy beats from other producers. It’s pretty much like an affiliate (or referral) system. Commissions are paid bi-monthly.

All of the above websites offer many possibilities for customization, so check each one and see exactly what suits you best.

To be as objective as possible, we chose to ask some successful producers where they sell their beats:

Adrian Anno Domination

In terms of public beat-selling websites, I highly recommend BeatStars.com.

Despite running my own beat site I always upload our team’s beats here as well. BeatStars is head and shoulders above any other website in terms of the features and services they provide. As well as being able to sell your beats through their public marketplace and providing a sales widget you can embed on your own site, they are the only beat site offering YouTube and SoundClick monetization and ContentID.

This basically means you can send your beats off to be digitally fingerprinted and every time someone uploads your beat or a song to your beat on those sites you will earn advertising revenue. For me, that has been a game changer and hugely increased my income. BeatStars also regularly host placement opportunities and contests with great prizes.

Adrian / Anno Domini Nation
krissio beats

I am currently selling my instrumentals on Beatstars. But to me, it’s not really about what website you find the best-selling beats at, but rather how you use them. I personally have only been on Soundclick but recently moved over to Beatstars. But I could’ve possibly made a steady income via both sites.

But of course, there’re other websites like AirBit, Rocbattle, etc you can create an account on if hosting a website is unattainable. Even YouTube can be a good place where monetizing via Google Adsense can benefit you a lot, even Facebook and Twitter can be.

Going back to Beatstars however, I’ve grown to be very fond of their features as a Pro Account member. How you can submit your tracks to be securely uploaded to YouTube’s Content ID list, as well as you, can monetize your Soundcloud plays. Having then Beatstars, YouTube, and Soundcloud all in your power can generate you a great income.

KrissiO / Top Producer
Mantra Beats

My favorite place to sell beats has to be BeatStars.com, they let you keep 100% of your sales, and they also work with YouTube to help protect your copyrights. This allows me to upsell my customers to licenses that would allow them to monetize their songs on YouTube & Soundcloud. Wish I knew about this site 3 years ago!

Mantra / Top Producer

Social platforms

In addition to using specialized platforms to sell beats online, many producers choose to publish their creations on YouTube or Instagram. If you are considering creating a YouTube channel or Instagram account to promote your beats, use different types of content to create your community. Establishing relationships can be a “boost” to make your first sales.

Final Tips:

If you do not have much experience in this area, you have to put in a lot of work and effort to earn money from selling beats. If your goal is to make a living from selling beats, you have to think of this occupation just like a personal business, where you will have costs, income, investments, and ultimately profit. You must work constructively and be patient, create more relationships with your customers and grow your brand name, and be active on social networks and communities. Although competition is fierce, new producers/beats appear every day, and through hard work and dedication, you will be able to reach the top.

…as Dr. Dre said:

Don’t be worried about the next man – make sure your business tight.

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