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Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration In 2023

Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration

Sharing your work with others is a beautiful thing, but creating one with somebody with similar tastes is even better. We have all been stuck in a production of a certain track. The itchy feeling when you simply can’t get pass one point, and no matter what you do next – it just does not feel right. Well, to make it all easier here is a list of some of the best websites to find music production collaborators online and make music together.

The benefits of being an active member of this kind of collaborative website are tremendous. You can meet new people, accelerate your music career, grow your fan base, receive feedback from professionals, improve your skills, and more.

1. Splice

Splice - Music Collaboration Website

Besides being great for downloading free plugins or exploring the sales of the more expensive ones, Splice created its own community in which members can search for each other and collaborate together. You can also browse public sessions, and audio stems or just preview your favorite new artist. Everything is ‘’DNA’’ based, which is their own online player, so you don’t have to open up your DAW every time you are willing to take listen to something.

Website Link: Splice

2. Kompoz

Kompoz - Music Collaboration Website

This amazing platform allows you to produce music in real time with producers all around the world. Whether you find a London-based guitar player or a saxophonist in Moldavia, you will be able to work with them through cloud-based workspace tools. The greatest thing is that it is free with the possibility of an upgrade (which is not essential). With your free account, you will still be able to profit if a production result is sold.

Website Link: Kompoz

3. Blend

Blend - Music Collaboration Website

With this one, you can share your music projects with people and decide who you want to work with or just leave your project open for anyone to edit their own version of it. You will be able to pull pieces from other remixes to add to your own, or just to learn the technique. Blend website also provides online backup for your DAW system, so you don’t have to be afraid of losing everything once your computer leaves this world.

Website Link: Blend

4. Vocalizr

Vocalizr - Music Collaboration Website

Vocalizr website is a little bit different than the rest of the list. It connects not only producers to producers, but also producers to vocalists. If you know the feeling of wanting a good vocal hook on your track, but not having any vocalist (or a good voice), this site will help you connect yourself to those with the gift of singing. Easy as posting your project to audition and selecting a perfect voice.

Website Link: Vocalizr

5. ProCollabs

ProCollabs - Music Collaboration Website

ProCollabs is a website that offers not only producers but sound engineers, songwriters, vocalists, etc a creative environment. Whether you are in need of a guitar riff, lyrics for the chorus, or background vocals, this is the site you can turn to. By becoming a member, you are opening doors to many licensing opportunities and payments by just selling your musical skills or your projects.

Website Link: ProCollabs

6. Bandhub

BandHub - Music Collaboration Website

This is a huge community for musicians and producers who are looking for new collaborations via their “Collabs” feature. Basically, you can create your own worldwide band, where any member can record their parts, and you or any member can be the ‘collab organizer’, which will arrange the final mix. Any member can use the Bandhub Recording App to record their parts for collabs. Not only the sound, but you can also record even video sessions using your webcam or a more professional camera. Best of all, it’s free!

Website Link: Bandhub *Website Closed

7. Melboss

Melboss - Music Collaboration Website

Melboss is a music hub where artists and producers meet together. Share your compositions, find new collaborations and connect with industry pros. Find and select your mentor and request to review your songs. Mentoring sessions are a minimum of 30 minutes.

Website Link: Melboss

In addition…

8. Audiu

Audiu - Music Collaboration Website

Audiu (now RepostEchange) website has been awarded ‘Best Music Project 2017′ at last month’s Sonar+D technology conference. Their new community-focused iOS and Android app lets you get involved on the go. Audiu’s “My Network” is the perfect place to discover like-minded artists and build a creative network. Free to join!

Website Link: Audiu

9. Pibox

Pibox Collaborate On Your Music Website

Pibox is an online service that allows audio professionals to share their work with collaborators and receive feedback all in one place, discuss with your collaborators and save valuable time with management features. You can register a free Pibox account which includes unlimited projects, 1 Gb storage place for your MP3s, and 2 collaborators. If you need more space, more users and collaborators will find other options with prices starting at $ 5 per month.

Website Link: Pibox

10. Vollume

Vollume Music Producers Collaboration Website

Vollume Control is a media manager designed to make music collaboration easy for professional musicians, artists & Industry Pros, with powerful features that are accessible to everyone. With an extensive collection of tools for sharing and syncing music, backup & archive, commenting, and so much more, it’s the only music manager you’ll need. Built for music creators to collaborate Leave comments on songs, share playlists, manage collaborator permissions and share private links.

Vollume control is the best way to collaborate on music projects. Collaborate with your team and receive activity notifications about comments, uploads, invites & more – stay in sync and connected wherever you are. Share songs, samples and project files with your collaborators quickly. Create private links, promote team members and manage viewer permissions easily.

Every, single DAW! Whether you work in Ableton Live, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Bitwig Studio, or any other D.A.W. you can import and export files to and from Vollume Control. Share samples from a new project with your team instantly just by dragging your samples from your D.A.W. into a shared Vollume Control playlist. Vollume is available for macOS, iOS, and Android (no Windows support at this moment).

Link: Vollume

Social Media

Social Media Music Collaboration Website

This one might sound interesting, but most of the world’s average daily usage goes on social media. With billions and billions of accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, etc. it makes it a perfect match for virtual auditions – and not to forget about SoundCloud. One post might be enough for a perfect match and the beginning of a collaboration between two music lovers.

This is just the start of this new way of creating. Once you start using these sites, you will see all the perks you are getting by just talking to other people. Inspire each other, and share ideas, music is a way of communication, so communicate in the best way you know – through the music.

Do you already use one of the above music production collaboration platforms? What do you recommend? Leave a comment down below about what you are currently working on!

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8 thoughts on “Best Websites For Music Production Collaboration In 2023

  1. Merdynn says:

    Im a member of number 1 and 3…and to be honest, both sites are mostly DEAD when it comes to collabs….unless everyone knows you and everyone wants to be your next remix. but honestly, I have YET to find a site where “Nobody’s” can find other “Nobody’s” and make music together

  2. Entium says:

    Sadly, Audiu actually recently went down!

    Melody Nest is also a nice choice for collaboration sites as well. The business is new but growing quickly.

  3. Kristoff says:

    Great post. Verce.me should definitely be on that list. A great community made for music collaboration and networking! No more words needed!

  4. Rob Ash says:

    I use Kompoz and ProCollabs. I think both sites yield benefits in direct relation to a musician’s relative skill level. While this is perhaps not as many would wish it to be, it does mirror the way things work in real life. If your skills are still developing, you may find it difficult to garner a spot in a more advanced band. As your skills improve, you will find more opportunities open to you.

    Additionally, a lot depends on how much effort you put into networking on a given site. If you simply post a project, and do nothing else, plan on sitting back and waiting a long while before you see any interest shown in your project. What is required, at a minimum, is for you to involve yourself in the work of others, comment on and like the projects of others, and participate in the forums. In the case of Kompoz, the forums is perhaps the fastest way to get your name out in the general community there.

    Even if your stems are not used in a final production, it is very important to participate in the work of others. Kompoz, and ProCollabs rely heavily on reciprocation. You work on my project, and I’ll take a look at yours. Again, this mirrors real life.

    The more serious you are about networking with others, and developing both your projects and your skills, the more you will get out of sites like mentioned in this article.

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