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Best 808 Drum Samples Packs on the Internet

Best 808 Drum Samples

Used by many artists and producers of this era, TR- 808 drum machine from Roland has been used on more hit records than any other drum machine. The Roland TR-808 is for sure the drum machine that revolutionized today music.

Its 16 drum sounds include the famous boomy 808 kick, snare, low/mid/high toms, low/mid/high congas, rimshot, claves, hand clap, maracas, cowbell, cymbal, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, and accent.

TR-808 was released by Roland in early 1980, so is quite difficult to find a new one. On eBay, prices vary greatly, from $800 to over $3000.

Below is a list with some of the best 808 drum samples libraries in our opinion. These 808 sample packs will definitely give you all the Roland TR-808’s drum sounds you need at a much better price without having to buy the real drum machine. Sorted by quality and complexity, these sample packs really worth a look:

Pure 808 Drums by Hex Loops

Pure 808 Drum Samples Pack

  • 26 808 Claps
  • 36 808 Congas
  • 49 808 Cymbals
  • 30 808 Hard Kicks
  • 36 808 Hi-Hats
  • 272 808 Kicks
  • 20 808 Wide Kicks
  • 23 808 Percussion
  • 90 808 Snares
  • 46 808 Toms
  • 24 bit / 96 kHz Wav files
  • Size 344 MB
  • Price: $22 Buy Now

TR-808 The Drum Machine by Zenhiser

Best TR-808 Drum Samples

808 Renaissance by Sonics Empire

808 Renaissance 808 Kontakt Library

808 Renaissance is another great library of 808 drum samples created by Sonics Empire, a company founded by SAMI The Producer who offers many great sample packs for beatmakers.

This 808 drum kit includes over 430 quality and original drum samples like kicks, snares, claps, percussion, hi-hats, and more.

In addition, an 808 Kontakt Library is also included for Kontakt lovers.

Buy Link: 808 Renaissance

Also, be sure to check our Free 808 Drum Sample Pack sound pack here: Free 808 Drum Kit

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