Best Music Recording & Audio Editing Software

Best Music Recording & Audio Editing Software

Many recording studios are famous for their work with different artist and bands like Abbey Roads Studios in London, Sunset Sound Records in California, Electric Lady Studio in New York to name a few.  Now the question arises that why do we need a recording studio? There are various reasons like:

  1. Sound engineer
  2. Recording environment
  3. Equipment etc.

With the rise of electronic music genres, there’s also an inclined growth in experimental music and alternate music scene where live instruments and vocals are mixed with electronic elements. Earlier other than recording studios there was no option available for recording or mastering a track. Now various technology and techniques are available by which one can have a professional quality sound recording.

What will you get if you own a recording studio?

  • Saving money which you would have spent on the Studio Time.
  • Full Artistic freedom.
  • With experience, you can also earn money by offering the services by your studio etc.

Basically having a good studio setup for your work is always a win-win situation and the most important component of a studio is you music production software, known as “Digital Audio Workstation” which we also refer as DAW. Before we get into which is the best DAW phase let’s comprehend all the options we have to choose from.

Available Music Recording Software (DAWs):

  • Ableton live

  • Fl studio

  • Logic Pro

  • Studio One

  • Reaper

  • Cubase

  • Sonar

  • Avid Pro tools

  • Reason

  • Mixcraft

  • Bitwig

  • Magix Samplitude Pro

  • Mu tools

  • Motu

  • Renoise

  • Steinberg Nuendo

  • Garage band

  • Tracktion software

  • Acid Sony

  • Ardour

  • Adobe audition

  • SAW software audio workshop

  • Orion studio

  • Fairlight

  • Pyramix daw

  • Zynewave Podium

  • Z-Maestro

  • Krista


Best DAW

Best DAW

There are different platforms available to work with like Mac, windows, Linux, android, iOS etc. and with too many options available, it might be tricky to choose from. We have divided this list into three parts keeping in mind that you are looking for using this DAW for recording as a:

  • Professional
  • Apprentices (if have recently started writing and recording music)
  • Hobbyist (recording tracks just for fun)

Best music software

Every Digital Audio Workstation serves the similar purpose of recording and editing audio, then how is one different than the other available?

All the DAW’s are different in terms of:

  • Usage: if you are using it to record real instruments or MIDI, how easily you can set up and start recording if it can be used for Live performance without any glitches.
  • Availability of plugins as prebuilt effect and instrument unit: Most of the DAW’s are loaded with really good quality pre-bundled Plugin effects and instruments so that you don’t have to look for any other Plugin outside the box.
  • Sample library.
  • Compatibility with different platforms and external plugins.
  • Audio format support.
  • Active user forums and tutorials for new resources and techniques.
  • Bug fixing and regular updates
  • User helpline etc.

In conclusion, we agree that the best recording music software is Cubase, followed by Ableton, Sonar, Logic Pro X and Reaper. Remember that this is just our opinion based on personal experience.

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