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BEST Music Making Apps for Producers (Android / iOS)

Best Mobile Apps For Music Producers

We have prepared a list of some of the best music making apps for music producers. Whenever you feel inspired and you are out of the studio, it’s very simple to take your phone or tablet and start creating a new song. If you have a synth line in your head or you need to simple record some sounds or a live performance and then mix it into your main track back in the studio – a music-making app can be very helpful.Many of these music-making applications include many features like a full DAW but run on Android and iOS offering you full mobility. I personally use FL Studio Mobile and Cubasis for recordings and find them very useful and fun to use in many situations.Let’s get started with…

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Android & iOSAudio Evolution Mobile StudioAt an affordable price, you get an easy-to-use audio and MIDI sequencer – the Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. This app also provides unlimited audio tracks, only the memory of your Android device may push a barrier here. The processing possibilities range from simple sound refinement through the fast mixing up to the sketching of songs.The Audio Evolution Mobile Studio app gives you a variety of tools to help you make your musical work as you wish. For each track, adjust the volume, effects, equalizer, and balance settings. The included metronome will always keep you intact.Official Website: Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Cubasis 2

iOS / iPad onlyCubasis 2 iOS Music ProductionWith Cubasis 2, Steinberg is one of the most powerful audio and MIDI sequencer for the iPad. The DAW impresses with high sound quality, professional equipment as well as extensive import and export functions. The mobile variant comes closer to the DAW flagship Cubase. Timestretching, pitch-shifting, spin FX, a channel strip, and a revised interface to ensure more intuitive operation comes with this second version. You can use the Cubase Project Importer to import Cubasis projects created on the iPad into Cubase on your computer.Official Website: Cubasis 2

FL Studio Mobile 3

Android & iOSFL Studio Mobile 3If you’re wondering if there’s FL Studio for mobile, well.. it is, and already at the 3rd version. The most popular music making software for beatmakers and not only is available on both Android and iOS. Whether you want to program beats, create melodies, or create multi-lane audio projects, FL Studio Mobile not only scores with high-quality instruments and real-time effects, but also intuitive usability. The app is equipped with FL Studio elements such as the step sequencers, piano roll, and other features, which are known from the desktop version. A great DAW for electronic music.Official Website: FL Studio Mobile

n-Track Studio Pro

Android & iOSn-Track Studio ProThe n-Track Studio Pro multi-track audio recorder can convince with its number of track numbers, thought-out features, and an intuitive workflow. Particularly successful are the automation functions as well as the integrated audio editor. With “n-Track Studio” you mix different pieces of music or soundtracks to a song. Individually recorded instrumental and vocal parts can be mastered precisely to a complete music track. Also, add voices with effects such as reverb or echoes and adjust the volume or sound quality.Besides these, the “Songtree” integrated app lets you make music online in collaboration with other producers. You can start a project or contribute to someone else’s projects. A lot of creativity and fun!Official Website: n-Track Studio

G-Stomper Studio

AndroidG-Stomper StudioG-Stomper is a groove box with a sampler, synthesizer, and polyphonic sequencer. A virtual keyboard is available for playing, and an effect section takes care of the flavoring of the sounds. Thanks to Mixer and Song Arranger even smaller productions can be realized. With a Groovebox with its own step-sequencer, VA-Synthesizer, Piano-Roll-Editor, Mixer, and Effect-Rack, G-Stomper Studio is particularly suitable for producers of electronic music. Its flexible synth is a highlight.Official Website: G-Stomper Studio

Auria PRO

iOSAuria PRO Music Production AppThe Auria PRO mobile music production app features unlimited audio tracks and allows simultaneous recording of up to 24 channels. Also in terms of operating comfort, it is exemplary. Each channel strip of the virtual mixer has a channel strip with four slots for insert effects. The effects were developed by well-known manufacturers such as PSP, FabFilter, Overloud, and Drumagog. Other signal processors or instruments can be purchased as well as new digital drum kits. An excellent app for multi-track recordings.Official Website: Auria PRO


iOS / iPadMeteor iPad Music AppMeteor offers up to 16 tracks (expandable up to 32 with In-App), extensive MIDI functions, an audio editor (recordings can be trimmed or spliced together), and a clear mixer. Editor features include cut, copy, paste, fade in/out. clear, reverse, gain, normalize, remove DC offset, time stretch, and pitch shift. In addition, high-quality virtual instruments and effects (Effects include digital delay, chorus/flanger, reverb, graphic equalizer, tone boost, compressor, and distortion), as well as extensive export functions, are on board.2021 Update: This app is now available anymore!


iOSGarageband iOS Music AppApple’s Garageband classic music production software has now become a powerful audio and MIDI sequencer app with up to 32 tracks, high-quality instruments, and effects. With the Live Loops feature you can simply mix and match loops and add audio effects in real-time.Also, you can plug and record a real instrument and then add it into your mix. With Garageband, you can create music wherever you are, add notes and lyrics using the included notebook or even create some new ringtones at lunchtime. It’s fun and easy to use!Official Website: Garageband

Do you use any of these applications? You can leave a comment below and share your experience or recommend your favorite app. Thank you!

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  1. Louis says:

    One App is not mentioned in this list, but definitely worth to check out. It’s called Remixlive from Mixvibes. It’s a very powerful, easy to use and complete Samples based DAW. You can use tons of Royalty Free samples Packs or import your own ones. A true gem !! <3

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