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Best Analog Synthesizers Emulation VST Plugins

Best Synth Plugins

If you want the sound of classic hardware synthesizers in your DAW then check the list bellow for some of the best vintage synth VST, AU plug-ins. Softsynths are definitely the most convenient option when it comes to synthesizers and if you’re keeping your entire music production inside of your DAW, virtual instruments are the perfect choice to have everything at your fingertips.

Software synths are very much like hardware synthesizers, I could even say that some digital versions sound even better than the originals. Thanks to our computers they run on, this Virtual Instruments have more memory, handle larger sample library, offer higher sound quality, great looking user interfaces, not occupy physical space at all and the price is significantly much affordable.

The advanced technology from our days has allowed some of these virtual instruments have new features, unique parameters not found anywhere else…overall they are just better.

1. Modular V by Arturia

Modular V VST Plugin

Arturia has successfully managed to recreate one of the most famous series of synthesizers: Moog Modular. This analog synth is one of the absolute modular synth, I can say, the “father” of all upcoming analog synths.

Arturia managed to create a great virtual synth that emulates sound, feeling, look and entire experience that Moog Modular can offer you.

The Modulav V VST synthesizer plugin was developed in close collaboration with Bob Moog himself to insure an accurate recreation of his awesome synth.

More Details: Modular V | Arturia

2. Diva by U-he

Diva VST Synth Plugin
The second place in my opinion is for Diva synth by U-he, a great synth developed by U-He that features finest synthesizer modules (oscillators, filters, envelopes) from the Minimoog, Jupiter-8, Juno-60 and MS20. With a beautiful GUI, Diva captures the spirit of various analogue synthesizers by letting the user select from a variety of alternative modules. Diva is available via u-he website priced at $179.

More Details: Diva | U-He

3. U-NO-LX by TAL


Togu Audio Line (TAL) brings U-NO-LX, an emulation virtual synth plugin of the popular 80’s Roland Juno 60 hardware synthesizer. Although other developers have tried to emulate this synthesizer TALU-NO-LX is truly the most authentic-sounding virtual Juno 60 synthesizer plugin.

The Juno 60 was a six-voiced, single oscillator, polyphonic synth. TAL has managed to bring some improvements, thanks to new technologies available this days, as I mentioned in the beginning. For example, TAL U-NO-LX features up to 12 voices, instead six-voice polyphony, Midi learn and automation for all controls and many more.

TALU-NO-LX synth plugin is available at PluginBoutique.com priced at £39.69. Here you can free download 130 presets for this synth (extra presets).

More Details: LU-NO-LX | TAL

4. Prophet V by Arturia

Prophet V VST Synth

Prophet V is a software emulation of the classic Sequential Prophet VS and Prophet-5 Vintage synthesizer. Launched back in 1980s (apparently only about 2500 were ever made) this synth has was 16-note polyphonic, programmable, had velocity sensitivity and some good MIDI specification. Prophet VS analog synth uses Vector Synthesis, a revolutionary mode for sound creation, feature also available in virtual synth version.

Prophet V synth plugin features three synthesizers in one: Prophet 5, Prophet VS, Prophet Hybrid with all the original parameters of the Prophet 5 and Prophet VS synths. More than 400 presets created by talented musicians and synthesizers specialists also included.

Prophet V is available for £80.30 at PluginBoutique.com. Also this vst synth plugin is part of V Collection 4, a bundle  with all Arturia synth plugins in one pack.

iOS version for this softsynth is also available at Apple App Store: iProphet

More Details: Prophet V

5. The Legend by Synapse Audio

The Legend Software Synth by Synapse Audio

Synapse Audio has managed to create on of the most powerful soft synth out there. The Legend synth plugin was created in collaboration with Bigtone Studios and aims to revive the Minimoog Model D analog synthesizer.

The Legend synthesizer features 3 oscillators, a low-pass filter, delay, reverb and more than 400 built-in presets to start with. It works on both PC and PC, being available in VST, AU format – also it’s available as Rack Extension for Reason music software.

More Details: The Legend

6. VirtualCZ by Plugin Boutique

Casio Virtual CZ Synth

Virtual CZ take inspiration from mid 80s Casio CZ range synths. Virtual CZ brings some new features such as the phase distortion and (up to) 8 stage envelope, 32 notes of polyphony, new effects and hundred presets (great pads and synth strings, leads, big basses, nice FX, metallic percussion and above all RAVE ORGANS).

If you want to know more about this great synth plugin, Rafael wrote a very comprehensive review for Virtual CZ for ProducerSpot.com. Check here: Virtual CZ Review

Virtual CZ can be bought via PluginBoutique website.

More Details: Virtual CZ

… and the list goes on with:

7. Jupiter-8V by Arturia

8. Vox Continental V by Arturia

9. CS-80 V Synth by Arturia

10. Oberheim SEM V by Arturia

11. ARP2600 V by Arturia

5 thoughts on “Best Analog Synthesizers Emulation VST Plugins

  1. Dmtsymphony says:

    XILS 4 by XILS labs and TimeWarp 2600 by way out ware. These are mind-blowing plug ins and seemingly not as well known.

  2. Ricardo Martins says:

    This is surely sponsored by Arturia! Witch are great Emulations but what about Monark or the gforce oddity !

  3. Vern S says:

    A bit heavy on Arturia. Don’t overlook G-force M-Tron (Retron on Reason), NI FM8, Korg Polysix, among others.

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