Best Free VST Synthesizers Plugins

Now that 2015 is almost over, it’s the perfect time to do a recall for the best free synthesizer plugins launched this year. Enjoy!

1. Helm

Free VST/AU/AAX Synthesizer By Matt Tytel

Helm Free VST/AU/AAX Synthesizer

Helm is an open source freeware virtual analogue synthesizer featuring a rather capable synthesis engine and a very nice looking user interface.

Ttytel provides even the source code of this plugin, so can study and change the source code and redistribute exact or modified copies of Helm.

Helm is available for GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and Windows as a standalone synthesizer or as an LV2, VST, AU, or AAX plugin.

More Details/Free Download: Helm by Tytel

2. Lynx

Free Unison Synthesizer VSTi Plugin By Xenobioz

Lynx Free Synthesizer VSTi Plugin

Lynx is a freeware unison synthesizer created with SynthEdit and features a very useful wave shape editor that allow you to customize the two oscillators and LFO waveforms as you want. Lynx also features a Unison Mode with up to seven voices per each oscillator.

Lynx freeware synthesizer is still in beta development stage and is available just for Windows, being in VSTi 32-bit plugin format.

More Details/Free Download: Lynx by Xenobioz

3. 4 Tune

Free EDM Style VA Synthesizer VSTi Plugin by Noizefield

4 Tune Free Edm Synth

4 Tune is a freeware analogue synth plugin developed by Noizefield to recreate the classic bass and lead sounds of modern electronic music. Besides common features that we already knew from other several free synthesizer plugins, 4 Tune still manage to bring something new.

This plugin features a powerful synthesis engine that includes 4 individual oscillator with 58 different waveforms per oscillator. Also, 4 Tune features Pulse Modulation, Ring Modulation, Frequency Modulation and Oscillator Sync.

4 Tune synthesizer is available for free download in VSTi 32-bit Windows plugin format.

More Details/Free Download: 4 Tune by Noizefield

4. “SUPER-7”

Free Supersaw Synthesizer VSTi Plugin by CFA Sound

Super-7 Free VST Synthesizer

SUPER-7 is a free supersaw OSC virtual synthesizer that aim to emulate the classic sound of Roland JP8000 synthesizer. SUPER-7 includes one emulated supersaw oscillator, capable to be pushed to 32 notes of polyphony. Despite its performance, this plugin manages to preserve a reasonably low CPU.

Besides his powerful supersaw oscillator, SUPER-7 also includes a 4-pole low pass filter, a dedicated filter envelope and a preset manager with 20 factory presets.

SUPER-7 is available just for Windows in VST 32-bit plugin format.  SUPER-7 could maybe work via Jbrigde in a 64-bit DAW, but the developer don’t guarantee that.

More Details/Free Download: SUPER-7 by CFA Sound

5. Marazmator 2.0

Free Virtual Synthesizer by Vasily Makarov

Marazmator Free Virtual Synthesizer

Marazmator 2.0 is a freeware “Virtual Psychodelic Synth” developed by Vasily Makarov in over ten years using Delphi. Marazmator free synth plugin features 3 oscillators which can be mixed together or used separately as modulation sources. Besides these three oscillators, Marazmator 2.0 plugin also comes with a built-in preset manager, a powerful randomization module, a great sequencer module and many useful filters and effects.

Marazmator 2.0 is available only for Windows in VSTi 32-bit plugin format.

More Details/Free Download: Marazmator 2.0 by Vasily Makarov

6. Kern

Free MIDI Controlled Synthesizer By Full Bucket Music

Kern Free VST Synthesizer

Kern is a free polyphonic software synthesizer plugin designed to run and to be controlled by a wide range of modern MIDI controller keyboards, like Novation Impulse.

Kern features two alternative user panels, 32 voices polyphony, two band-limited oscillators including Hard Sync, two envelopes, a chorus effect, one LFO and MIDI Learn.

Kern plugin was developed in native C++ code, providing high performance and low CPU consumption.

This free synth plugin is available in VST 32-bit / 64-bit plugin format for Windows and also is fully compatible with SM Pro Audio’s V-Machine.

More Details/Free Download: Kern by Full Bucket Music

7. VACS 2

Free Subtractive Synthesizer VSTi Plugin By Noizefield

VACS Free Synthesizer VSTi Plugin

VACS 2 is a modern software synthesizer based on subtractive synthesis and is perfectly suitable for EDM, Dance, Trance, Dubstep, Trap, House and other modern electronic music style.

In total, VACS 2 features 3 oscillators with 64 different waveforms per oscillator. Other features to mention are the FM Matrix, Modulation Matrix, 32-Step Arpeggiator, Voice-Knob with up to 8 notes polyphony, 3 LFOs, 2 Multimode filters, Noise Generator, Equalizer, Saturation Section, Stereo Delay, Vowel Filter with XY-Morph-Pad, Chorus, Bit Crusher and 128 factory presets.

VACS is available only for PC/Windows systems, being available in VST 32-bit plugin format.

More Details/Free Download: VACS 2 by Noizefield

8. Crio 2.0

Free Virtual Synthesizer VSTi Plugin by Solcito Música

Crio 2.0 Free Virtual Synthesizer VSTi Plugin

Crio 2.0 is a virtual monophonic analog FM Ring Modulation synth plugin that can be used to generate raw sounds such as arpeggios, basses, solos, leads, FX sounds and much more. The user interface is quite simple and intuitive with minimal controls but with maximum functionality.

The LFO has special functions for rhythmic uses, such as synchronization and quantization of waveforms with host application’s tempo. Crio 2.0 also features the “ECO CPU” mode which reduces the CPU consumption without affecting the sound quality.

Crio 2.0 is available only for Windows in VSTi 32-bit plugin format.

More Details/Free Download: Ciro 2.0 by Solcito Musica

9. 8-Bit Monster

Free Synthesizer VSTi Plugin By JMT Musical Tools

8-Bit Monster Free Synthesizer VSTi Plugin

8-Bit Lo-Fi Monster is a free software synthesizer plugin designed with SynthEdit and inspired by the 2A03 chip used in the Nes sound arhitecture. You can use this free synth plugin to generate retro 8-bit sounds like the original Nes or other vintage gaming systems or arcades.

8-Bit Lo-Fi Monster features 4 oscillators, 4 modulation envelopes, a sequencer, 3 filter modules, frequency modulation, 5 different effect modules one arpeggiator and much more. This plugin brings a huge user interface, with a very nice look that puts the entire synthesis engine at your fingertips.

8-Bit Lo-Fi Monster is available only for Windows, being available in VSTi 32-bit format.

More Details/Free Download: 8-Bit Lo-Fi Monster by JMT Musical Tools

10. JuceOPLVSTi

Free FM Synthesizer VSTi Plugin by Bruce Sutherland

JuceOPLVSTi Free FM Synthesizer VSTi Plugin

Our list ends with JuceOPLVSTi, which is a freeware FM synthesizer plugin that emulates the legendary Yamaha OPL sound chip from old PC sound cards, like Ad Lib and early Sound Blaster.

JuceOPLVSTi is based on two algorithms used by two popular MS-DOS emulators, ZDoom and DOSBox. So, you can switch between the two emulators on the fly. This plugin features 8 waveforms per oscillator and comes with a simple black & green user interface that is fairly easy to use.

JuceOPLVSTi is available in VST and AU 32-bit / 64-bit plugin formats for both Windows and MAC OS.

More Details/Free Download: JuceOPLVSTi by Bruce Sutherland

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