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Best Free VST Plugins Released In 2019

Best Free VST Plugins of 2019

A new year, new free VST plugins for you guys! Here’s our list of the best free VST/AU plugins launched in 2019. If you’re looking for effects or virtual instruments and the budget is limited, this list will be perfect for you. You’ll even be amazed by how much these plugins can offer you, completely free of charge. Keep in mind that the list is in a continuous update, so save the page link and come back for other new free plugins later. Let’s get started!


Acustica Audio has released in March 2019 the BASSTARD free Equalizer VST/AU plugin. This is included in theyr new Titanium 3 suite. All you need to do is to sign up for free at Acustia Audio’s website and install the Aquarius license manager, then download the Basstard plugin for free.

Link: Basstard

FREEAMP – Free Saturation VST Plugin

FreeAMP “One-knob love” is a free saturation plugin developed by Klevgränd and available for Windows and Mac in VST, AU and AAX plugin format. In fact this is the lighter version based of a selection of algorithms of the REAMP audio gear modeling plugin which is available for $35,99. With some limitation, FreAmp can still do a great job for you mixes, adding saturation where you need and it’s great for drums or other percussion tracks.

Link: FreeAmp

X-EIGHT LITE – Free Drum VST Plugin

X-Eight Lite - Free Drum VST Instrument

Another release we’re proud of is X-Eight Lite, the free version of X-Eight, a drum machine available in our online store in VST, AU format for Windows and MAC. The “Lite” version includes 80 presets from over 1,000 which are included in the commercial version. This virtual bass machine is capable of delivering the deepest and craziest basses, specially designed and needed for modern music production.

Link: X-Eight Lite (find the link below after the product description)

CONVOLOGY XT – Free Convultion VST Plugin

Convology XT Plugin is another freeware release of 2019 coming from Impulse Record. It is a free zero latency convulsion reverb plugin available for Windows and MAC in VST, AU, and AAX plugin format. Beside zero latency, it features “Scale” functions of Stretch and Decay, EQ, PreDelay, Stereo 3D Chorusing that can emulate early DSP gear of applied directly to instruments and vocals. Also, it has Reverse, Stereo Width from Mono to “Outside your speakers” and more cool features. It’s an easy to use and useful plugin and is available completely free.

Link: Convology XT


Komplete Start Free VST Plugins Bundle

Native Instruments releases KOMPLETE START, a free collection of 15 pro-grade synths and sampled instruments, plus effects, loops, and samples extracted from their commercial Komplete bundle. It includes 6 virtual instruments, 9 sample-based instruments, 2 effects and over 1,500 music loops, plus their free Kontakt and Reaktor. If you want to get this free suite of plugins you need to go to Native Instruments website and register an account, then download the Native Access license manager.

Link: Komplete Start

FRONTIER – Free Limiter VST Plugin

Frontier - Free Limiter VST Plugin

Frontier is a free self-adaptive versatile limiter VST, AU plugin for Windows and MAC. Frontier is a great audio tool for almost any studio situation. You can use it on individual tracks, bus or even on the master output. In order to download the plugin for free, you need to register a user account at D16 Group website.

Link: Frontier

DEFIANT WT – Free Synth VST Plugin

Defiant WT - Free VST Synth Plugin

OceanSwift brings their Defiant WT, a free virtual subtractive wavetable software synthesizer with a clever user interface design, unique modulation and much more. You can use its included wavetables or import your own wavetables. In order to download this synth free vst you need to subscribe to the newsletter. The download link will be sent to you by email, so use a valid address.

Link: Defiant WT

CORRELOMETER – Free Multi-Band Meter VST Plugin

Correlometer - Free VST Plugin

Voxengo are well-known for their quality plugins, and the Correlometer is no exception. Correlometer is a free analog-style stereo multi-band correlation meter AudioUnit, AAX, and VST plugin for Windows and MAC. It is based on the correlation meter from another Voxengo great product, the PHA-979 phase-alignment plugin. Besides its adjustable band quality factor, side-chain input, resizable user interface with 4 color themes, zero latency, Correlometer is Free!

Link: Correlometer

TAL Reverb 4 – Free Reverb VST Plugin

TAL-Reverb-4 from TAL Sofware is a high quality free plate reverb VST, AU, AAX plugin. It is characterized by a diffused sound, just like a vintage reverb, easy to use and very good in many situations.

Link: TAL-Reverb

Rare – Free EQ VST Plugin

Rare - Free EQ VST Plugin

Rare is another great freeware VST released in 2019 that emulates the original circuit of analog transformers and tubes from analog equalizers. The interface is very nice designed just like a real analog unit, it features bandwidth knob, boost, frequencies knobs for highs and lows, independent output, and more. It’s completely free so try it in your mixes for great results.

2021 Update: This plugin is now available anymore!

Rare – Free Compressor VST Plugin

Rare - Free Compressor VST Plugin

If you liked the Rare VST above, then YALA is another plugin developed by Analog Obsession that deserves your attention.

Yala is also a free vst plugin that emulates the original circuit of a Variable-Mu Limiting Amplifier unit. It can give awesome warm results on vocals and basses but you can use it everywhere in your mix.

Update: Now, all plugins are free on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/analogobsession

Cheeze Machine 2 – Free Synthesizer VST Plugin

Whoever is older in the field of music production may have used the first version of the Cheeze Machine plugin 12 years ago when it was released. This synthesizer became very popular in a short time, with thousands of producers asking for an update. So, 2getheraudio is launching in early 2019 Cheeze Machine 2 with a completely shifted design, a new reverb, vintage ensemble, chorus, vibrato effect, and many other improvements. Do not waste your time and download this synth plugin completely free, I can definitely say it is a must-have.

Link: Cheeze Machine 2

ToneZ – Free Synthesizer Plugin

ToneZ is a new free synthesizer plugin available in VST and AU format (Windows & MAC) created especially for EDM music producers. It includes 4 oscillators with 12 waveforms, morphing, 1-8 voices, detune and stereo width control. The synth also includes 4 envelopes, modulation matrix, and 2 filters, 2 LFOs, 6 built-in effects such as Distortion, Equalizer, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Compressor. Keeping in mind that it’s a free plugin, it offers many cool features, just download it and try it.

Link: ToneZ

QRange – Free Linear-Phase EQ Plugin

kjb has released QRange, a freeware IIR linear-phase equalizer available in VST & VST3 plugin format for both PC and Mac. So this is a 12-band linear-phase Equalizer great for different mastering quests. With a resizable user interface and the real-time spectrum analyzer, this plugin is very easy to use. Each band can be used as peak, shelf or a cut filter. Cut filters are available with 12, 24 and 48 dB/oct steepness.

Link: QRange

deFORM – Free Multi-Effect VST

 deFORM - Free Multi-Effect VST

RedSounds releases deForm. This multi-effect VST plugin is designed to add character and warmth to your loops and synths. It features some essential controls and modules such as a wet/dry balance, “WOW” for adding tape-style fluctuations, plus distortion & low-pass filter control. Also, you can add some reverb, stereo spread, or you can use the “mutate” knob for extreme sound transformations. If you need a free plugin for adding character and warmth to loops and synths than this can be the right tool to use in your mixes.

Link: deForm

More free plug-ins coming soon…


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  1. Satori says:

    I would advise against downloading Komplete Start or anything else by Native Instruments. I had it installed for a couple of weeks, then I discovered that it had installed 4 different background processes that run on your computer ALL THE TIME, even after a fresh boot and when you’re not running any music software. It did this without my knowledge or consent, which completely destroyed my trust in Native Instruments. I immediately uninstalled every Native instruments app, rebooted, then I spent a couple of hours manually deleting all the directories and registry keys that were left behind by the installers. After that experience, I will NEVER purchase or use any product from Native Instruments ever again.

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