Best DAW Software Apps in 2013 – Poll Results

Best Top DAW Music Making SoftwareThe voting for best DAW in 2013 has just been closed. The poll was created on 20 Oct 2013 and gather a total of 3155 votes.

All votes was given individually, one vote per visitor.

And the winners are:

Best 10 DAW Software in 2013
Best DAW in 2013

The winner is from far the FL Studio DAW with 904 votes followed by Ableton Live 9 with 772 votes and the Sonar X3 with 724 votes.

Reaper was a pleasure surprise and this software gather 277 votes. With some new features and improvements, this DAW will become more popular in next future for sure.

Cubase 7 is number 5 in our top with 158 votes followed by the well-known Logic Pro software who managed to gather 106 votes.

Next positions are occupied by Studio One, Pro Tools 11, Reason 7, Samplitude, GarageBand and Mixcraft 6 who is on the last place.

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