Bass Engine – Virtual Bass Synthesizer Plugin by Dope VST

Bass VST Instrument Synth
£60.00 – BUY NOW

Dope VST presents Bass Engine, a powerful bass synthesizer featuring 300 Pre-eq’ed Hip Hop bass instruments also including 15 fat 808′s.

Bass Engine includes the most representative bass sounds of last three decades. From the 1990’s, golden era of Hip Hop with heavy use of sampling old Funk, Soul and RnB vinyl records with machines such as the MPC 60 MK II or the SP-1200, to 2000’s when more producers use hardware bass synths to get a nice deep and punchy sound. The Emu Mo’ Phatt, ASR-10 and MPC 3000 samplers was the stars. Bass Engine also includes the latest 2010’s sub-bass and 808 sounds very common in Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep or even Reggae.

Features of Bass Engine:

  • 300 Pre-eq’ed Hip Hop bass instruments including 15 fat 808′s.
  • Unrivaled collection of the Finest USEABLE Hip Hop bass instruments ever!
  • 50 Hip Hop MIDI basslines included featuring a selection of styles and keys.
  • Built in glide, pan and drive controls.
  • Built in ADSR controls.
  • Includes a built in analog style reverb.
  • Ultra low CPU usage [perfect if you own a laptop / tablet / low spec PC/MAC]
  • Ultra fast patch loading [flick through patches in lightening quick times]
  • Program your basslines manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD.

Priced at £60 Bass Engine is available at Check more details and installation instructions at links listed bellow.

Links: Bass Engine | Dope VST

Check bellow a great video review for Bass Engine by Rob Talbott from Dodge & Fuski:

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