BeatSeeker Responsive Max for Live Device by Ableton

BeatSeeker Max For Live Device

Ableton and Andrew Robertson intros BeatSeeker, a responsive Max for Live device that can be used to sync drums with Ableton Live’s tempo. This device was developed by Andrew Robertson, based on research at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London.

This device is designed to be used with live drums and not only. What exactly does this device? BeatSeeker allows drummers to take full control and helps bands to maintain their natural groove on live performing. BeatSeeker detects the BPM of any rhythmic audio signal and sync Live to its tempo. Also, this device can be used with any other percussive or rhythmic audio signal.

BeatSeeker requires Live 9 Standard (version 9.1.7 or higher), Max for Live. You can buy/download this device from Ableton website for EUR 24.

More Details: BeatSeeker by Andrew Robertson

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