BeatBuddy - Guitar Pedal Drum MachineSingular Sound launches BeatBuddy – Guitar Pedal Drum Machine, the first guitar pedal drum machine.

The BeatBuddy is the perfect solution and its a blast to work (and play) with.

BeatBuddy gives you access to various preset drum sounds, and can be programmed to fit any song (and improvisations) via a tap controlled system.

BeatBuddy has full stereo and midi capability, can be plugged into amps or PA systems and comes pre-loaded with over 200 songs, all of which is a bit of a dream come true for one-man band singer-songwriters.

You will also be able to share beats and drum sets on the user forum and download free and premium packages from the website.

Convenient: Plugs right in with your other pedals to play a drum beat through your amp or PA

BeatBuddy Features and Specifications:

  • Hands-free live control of the beat: Inserts fills, transitions from verse to chorus, adds accent hits (e.g. cymbal crashes or hand claps).
  • Pre-loaded with 10 drum sets and over 200 songs.
  • Any custom beat or drum set can be loaded through included computer software .
  • MIDI Sync: Integrates with other MIDI devices .
  • Convenient small single-pedal format.

The BeatBuddy – Guitar Pedal Drum Machine will be available for sale from August, 2014, at a retail price of $350 USD.

More Details: BeatBuddy

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