Beat Giveaway February - Maschine v01

Win in February: Standalone groovebox Maschine+ by Native Instruments

In February Beat website (our partner) is giving away a Native Instruments Maschine+, worth 1.299 Euro.

This compact digital mixer is interesting not only for singers/songwriters, but also provides good help for the electro faction at a jam or live gig.

For many Maschine users, Maschine+ makes a long-cherished dream come true. Finally, the intuitive Maschine workflow can be used without an additional computer. Since the user interface and equipment are almost identical to the previous Mk3 controller, Maschine+ requires no additional training time for experienced operators. If you want a high-quality Maschine as an instrument and center for DAW-less jamming at home or on stage, and if you can make do with the large NI portfolio of instruments and effects, you will be very happy with Maschine+.

As well as its classic groovebox workflow, Maschine+ includes a dedicated package of nine synths and sampled instruments, 35 effects, and seven Expansions that work seamlessly in standalone mode. It includes heavy-hitters like Massive, FM8, Monark, Prism, the Maschine Factory Selection, Raum, and Phasis. That means its 16 pads can sound like a dusty vintage drumkit, a warped wavetable lead, or an organic modal synth.

There’s also a MIDI input and output for integrating external synthesizers and drum machines. Maschine+ supports the familiar MIDI templates, (i.e. individual assignments of hardware controllers to control external synthesizers and drum computers). Controlling external hardware is even supported by the Lock function, which allows you to quickly and easily save current controller settings and recall them at any time – if necessary, even with continuous morphing over several bars. A pedal input can be used for various functions and replaces the missing third hand when jamming or on stage. The USB port allows Maschine+ and Maschine Mk3 to be used as controllers and audio interfaces for computers and Maschine software.

Participate and win now

With the current Beat Giveaway you have the chance to win a Maschine+ by Native Instruments until the end of February 2021, worth 1.299 Euro. Join the giveaway here now:

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