Free Drum Machine for Kontakt

Fairly Confusing Waveforms (also known as SzcZ) has released Beat Assembler, a free sequencer based drum machine instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler.

“This experiment took me a while to complete and it made me scratch my head pretty hard a couple of times. I wanted a drum machine in Kontakt, that wouldn’t be bound to 4/4 signature and standard time grid. Also I wanted to break with table based patterns and have visual presentation more like in a DAW. Beat Assembler does that and more.” – says SzcZ, Beat Assembler’s developer.

This freeware impressive Kontakt instrument features four voice groups with individual modulation and FX parameters and a manual sequencer editor that allow you to move the notes around the grid. Also features a Note Recorder that allow you to play a pattern on your keyboard and then quantize it inside out.

Beat Assembler includes a set of 49 percussion and FX samples in 24-bit Wav format, also you can import your own samples using Kontakt’s mapping editor. Note that this free instrument requires Kontakt 4+ FULL version. On the FREE version of Kontakt, Beat Assembler will work just 15 minutes.

More Details: Beat Assembler

View Beat Assembler in action in the video below:





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