BASSROOM – Bass Mastering VST by Mastering The Mix

BASSROOM - Bass VST Mastering The Mix

Mastering The Mix has released Bassroom, a new plugin to help you with the bass of your mix. Mastering the Mix is ​​a company that in recent years has been surprising us thanks to its original tools aimed at serving as utilities in mixing and mastering, usually to help you do your job better. The new plugin, Bassroom is no exception to this: an audio tool designed to help you deal with the bass content of your mixes.

BASSROOM - Bass VST Plugin Mastering The Mix

According to its developers, Bassroom has filters with reduced distortion, within a 3D-based interface, which is designed for the user to obtain an image for different bands of the bass content, which can be adjusted from suggestions of equalization that the plugin performs.

What Bassroom promises is an interesting visualization of the processes of the signal, with gain represented in depth and frequencies verticaly, where the filters are integrated by colors that allow adjustments and identifying the bass and mold them until they are balanced in the mix.

Bassroom is available right now from PluginBoutique site at a price of £ 49. It works as a VST, AU and AAX plugin (Windows & Mac).

More Details: Bassroom

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