Bass Master: One Of The Best Bass Synth Plugin

Loopmasters Bass Master Best VST Plugin

The well-known company Loopmasters who are offering some of the best sample packs and loop packs on the Internet launched a few months ago their first plugin named Bass Master, which is a new special plug-in created to generate all sorts of bass sounds.

From the very beginning, this virtual bass instrument has enjoyed a real success, becoming one of the best and most appreciated virtual bass synthesizers available at this moment.

London Elektricity from Hospital Records says “Bass Master is such a well thought out solution to quick dial bass sounds. Clearly designed by actual bass producers!”

Loopmasters BASS Master Bass VST Plugin

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Bass Master is a special bass synthesizer that wants to thrill with many presets, powerful sound and easy operation.

Powerful bass sounds are essential for modern electronic music. However, with an idea in mind, you do not always have the time and inclination to program or search for a suitable sound.

Bass Master promises to deliver a variety of production-ready bass sounds for a variety of bass styles for House, Trap, Hip-Hop, D&B, Urban Chill, Dub-Step, Reggaeton, Industrial to Psytrance, Trapstep, Trance, any kind of EDM.

The 350 playable presets include vintage synth sounds and modern variants, bass for different frequency ranges as well as low-frequency percussive, modulated and aggressive sounds.

The monophonic sample player offers two sample slots, each of which can be fed with one of 217 waveforms and mixed as you like. For sound processing, a resonant filter and 13 filter models are available, including a comb filter.

The filter frequency can be modulated using the envelope and LFO, and the modulation wheel can affect up to three sound parameters.

The sound enhancement finally takes over the effects of distortion, stereo chorus, and reverb. In addition, there is a three-band frequency booster, which is ideal for brute sound walls.

Bass Master scores as a rich supplier of low-frequency sound with pleasingly low resource hunger. The sound material is powerful and in good audio quality and can be easily adapted to taste.

The possibility to combine two samples can create a surprising number of combinations that not only inspire but also prevail in the mix.

Bass Master can be found on the PluginBoutique website, which belongs to the Loopmasters. For 50 euros you can have this wonderful bass tool. In our opinion it is worth buying, you will be amazed by how well it is built and how well this plugin sounds.

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