AutoGain VST/AU Windows/MAC Effect Plugin by HoRNet

HoRNet AutoGain VST AU Plugin EffectHoRNet has released the new AutoGain VST/AU plugin effect available for both Windows and Mac OS X. This plugin is a volume automation tool that will help you to write volume automation for your tracks.

The HoRNet AutoGain has been designed with a specific purpose in mind: drastically shorten the time it takes to create volume automation.

AutoGain has two inputs: in the main one put the track you want to automate, in the second one your volume reference.

HoRNet AutoGain work its magic. It will try to keep yor track level to the same of your reference, you can adjust speed, sensitivity and gain range.

Try it on a vocal track and when you are done put it into “write mode” to have the volume automation written for you! Have a look to the video example!

AutoGain Plugin is availble for €11.99 Eur.

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