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  • Mark Simon

    Mark Simon - Owner of I started as a music producer at the age of 14 when I first meet the FL Studio DAW. Experience: Music Productions, Mastering, Mixing and Sound Design. Also passionate for Marketing, Internet and SEO.
  • Alan Steward

    Alan Steward

    Alan Steward is a Producer, Engineer and Musician with over 30 years experience in the music business. He worked with Grammy winning artists from the Temptations to the Baha Men. His music has been used in TV shows and feature films.
  • Dom McLennon

    Dom McLennon

    Dom McLennon – US, 21 year old musician and member of the AliveSinceForeve, creative collective. Experience in projects regarding recording, producing, directing, as well as many other skills in the group and beyond.
  • Jared Day

    Jared Day

    Jared Day is a producer/composer/musician who goes by the stage name “AppleJared”. He is the head music producer and composer for the independent video game company “SharkBird Studios”. Instruments: guitar, drums, piano. DAW: FL Studio 11
  • Merlin Györy

    Merlin Györy

    Merlin Györy is a Composer, Sound Designer, and public speaker working primarily in the video game and movie industry for over 6 years.He is also known as a musician and live artist under the name "Cloudjumper". His musical expertise spans orchestral composition, as well as electronic sound design, synth programming, recording, production and mastering. He is also head of the game audio project MM4VG.
  • Rafael Hofstadter

    Rafael Hofstadter

    Rafael Hofstadter is a synth and gear player, recording and mixing engineer and sound designer with 10+ years experience. There, he has composed music and sound design for short films, tv and radio ads, documentaries and much other audiovisual stuff.
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