AUM iOS audio mixer

Kymatica presents AUM, an audio mixer, connection hub and recorder app for iOS devices ( iPad, iPhone and iPad touch).

Having this iOS app you can connect hardware inputs and outputs, Audiobus apps, Inter-App Audio, sound file players, filters, external multi-channel audio interfaces and more in ant way you want. Basically, you can route anything to anywhere!

You can also record mixes, play back recordings, loops or hosted synths from your MIDI controller. Synchronize everything with the sample-accurate transport clock and play in time with other apps or devices using Ableton Link, a new technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of Ableton Live and Link-enabled iOS apps over a wireless network.

Includes built-in processing nodes for various stereo processing, Mid/Side balance and conversion, EQs and filters, limiting, clipping and saturation. If you need more effects you can user any 3rd party Audio Unit extension or Inter-App Audio effect.

All controls in the mixer can be controlled via MIDI, including parameters of hosted and built-in plugins.

Main Features:

  • High-quality audio up to 32-bit 96kHz
  • Intuitive GUI with crisp vector graphics
  • Inserts and sends are configurable pre/post-fader
  • Internal busses for mixing or effect sends
  • Supports multi-channel audio interfaces
  • Supports Audio Unit extensions, Inter-App Audio, and Audiobus
  • Highly accurate transport clock
  • Play in time with Ableton Link
  • FilePlayer with sync and looping, access to all AudioShare files
  • Records straight into AudioShare storage space
  • Built-in MIDI keyboard
  • Fully MIDI controllable
  • MIDI Matrix for routing MIDI anywhere

AUM audio mixer app is available via App Store for $9.99 USD.

More Details: AUM

Check some of AUM’s routing options in the video below:

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