What Is Audio Clipping And How Is It Used?

What Is Clipping And How Is It Used

Audio clipping is something that many of us have come across at one point or the other. The term “audio clipping” is also quite common and is represented by the admonishing red light on the DAW, speakers, or audio interface. The result, most times, is that you start to scramble for faders or knobs so […]

How To EQ Perfect Vocals – A Beginners Guide

How To EQ Perfect Vocals Tutorial - A Beginners Guide

Applying vocal EQ to a recorded performance involves taking a raw, “dry” track and making it into something that is “radio-ready”. Vocal EQ involves editing various track elements to improve the quality and sound of the recorded vocals. The idea is to EQ it to sound as clean and natural as possible within the overall […]

How To Make Electro Music Without Musical Education

How To Make Electro Music Without Musical Education

Electro music is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the early 1980s. It has become trendy in recent years, with many artists and DJs achieving international recognition. If you have ever wanted to learn how to make electro music without any musical education, then this blog post was published just for you. […]

Windows 11 Compatibility With Audio Software & Hardware

Windows 11 Compatibility With Audio Software Hardware

The arrival of a new operating system, such as Windows 11, is always accompanied by the lights, whistles, and flashes of its news – but we also hear (and broadcast) the alarms for those systems that are not yet compatible. This is well known by macOS users, and in the case of Windows, it is […]

Studio One Vs Pro Tools: What’s The Difference?

Studio One DAW Vs Pro Tools DAW What's The Difference

Digital Audio workstations have changed and transformed the facet of digital technology concerning the musical niche. The set-up has conveniently managed to help creators, editors, and music enthusiasts from across the world attune their creativity and create masterpieces without any restrictions. From mixing audio to recording and editing, DAWs make the whole process a lot […]

AKAI Professional Unveils The New MPC Studio Controller

MPC Studio Beat Machine 2021

MPC STUDIO: AN EXCEPTIONAL MODERN MUSIC PRODUCTION SOLUTION Akai Professional is proud to announce the release of MPC Studio – the new MPC Studio redefines tactile control with a hardware offering that intuitively delivers a modern and deep level of command over the music production process. This is a dedicated controller for MPC 2 desktop […]

Best Free VST Plugins Released In 2021

Best Free VST Plugins Of 2021

We know how important it is to keep up to date with all the music technological innovations. Even if you don’t have a more generous budget, you can still benefit from some pretty powerful free audio plugins that will definitely improve your mixes. In 2021, we have prepared a list of the most important and […]

Acustica Audio Sienna Free Plug-in Until October 1, 2021

Acustica Audio Sienna Free VST Download

Acustica Audio is releasing the Sienna Rooms Free version of the Sienna studio acoustic simulation audio plug-in for headphone mixing. Sienna plugin includes all headphone models from the full version (180 models at the moment), plus one control room. The proposed “HOG SUN218 Sub” profile is an acoustic control room model at the House Of […]

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