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Ozone – Audio Mastering Plugin by iZotope – Review

Why the mastering process is so mysterious? Well, because it can not be described in words just can not be explained in detail and not has a clear recipe because it relies heavily on mix.

Which means that if you have a good mix, mastering is child’s play. However, if the mix is not good, mastering is a process that requires hard hours of work if not days to get a high quality material. So it is very important to understand that nothing can replace a well done mix.

I recommend you some awesome and very good programs that will help you to mastering your tracks very easy and efficient, like a pro, so…

iZotope Ozone Review

My recommendation would be to use iZotope Ozone. This is a plugin more than decent in terms of audio mastering. First, it comes from the factory along with a lot of presets, so you should not take everything from scratch.

Secondly, it offers a lot of functions to facilitate your work. Perhaps the most important function of these is the equalizer Snapshot. Snapshot allows you to compare the frequency response of your songs with the another songs. All you have to do is to get another song by Ozone, take a picture of the spectrum song in any moment and compare the spectrum song where you work. In this way, you can get real-time sound closer to that of your favorite artist.

iZotope Ozone is very friendly and allows you to apply effects only on a specific frequency band if you like, which means you can apply a strong compression in the bass and drums without affecting synthesizers so you will keep good dynamic difference.

The Harmonic Exciter is also a priceless tool because it allows you to do most effervescent only certain frequency bands that you choose.

I recommend iZotope Ozone mastering tool. Probably in a short time you will be able to use it easily and with extremely good results. In fact, I believe that computer-based music production iZotope Ozone is the best product.

iZotope Ozone is available for £155.00 GBP at PluginBoutique.com

If you use this tool leave a comment with your opinion and you can even rate this by clicking on the stars icons bellow.

Also see Ozone 6 Review, is the latest version of Ozone released in 2015.

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