Arturia 3 Filter 3 Preamps VST Plugins 2018

Arturia has just released six new effect audio plugins based on three old vintage preamps: 1973-Pre, TridA-Pre, V76-Pre and 3 iconic analog synth filters: SEM-Filter, Mini-Filter and M12-Filter.

3 Filters You’ll Actually Use!

The three filter plug-ins mentioned above are comprehensive filter modules and were taken from the available Arturia instruments SEM V, Matrix-12 V and Mini-V.

Arturia SEM Filter VST Plugin

Arturia M12-Filter VST Plugin

Arturia MINI Filter VST Plugin

3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use!

1973-Pre emulates the Preamp and EQ section of the Neve 1973 EQ while TridA-Pre is a virtualization of the preamplifier and EQ of a Trident Studio A-Class console.

Arturia 1973-Pre VST Plugin

Arturia TridA-Pre VST Filter

Finally, there is the V76-Pre, which simulates the well-known Telefunken V76 tube preamp.

Arturia V76-Pre VST Filter

The 3 Preamps are available for $299 and the 3 Filters are available for $199. Introductory special prices available for all 6 plugins so be sure to check the link below.

More Details: Arturia New Plugins




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