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Arturia MicroLab – New MIDI Keyboard for PC, Android & iOS

Arturia MicroLab Mobile iPad MIDI Keyboard

Arturia is back with their MicroLab MIDI Controller, a new compact and suitable keyboard, perfectly suitable for mobile environment MIDI music apps on Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad). This is the most compact keyboard instrument from Arturia so far and is suitable for mobile use as well as home studios. In bright blue, orange or more classic black Arturia delivers the three new vibrant cases. Technically, they are identical, only the color makes the difference. It features 25 keys in slim format and they are touch-sensitive (but without aftertouch). According to the Arturia website, the same keyboard is used here as in the Key Steps.

Arturia MicroLab iPad MIDI Keyboard

The Arturia MicroLab has 25 pressure and velocity-sensitive mini-keys, 4 programmable buttons and two touch strips instead of pitch bend/modulation wheels, the same like the older MiniLab controller. Above are four small buttons that are equipped with octave functions or labeled with Shift and Hold. The “hold” is likely to replace a sustain pedal, as the three mini controllers do not provide a connection. Also, we find the Microlab obviously offers more than one would think at first. The labels Preset, Category, Previous, Next and Chord can not be explained otherwise.

Microlab can be connected and powered via the USB port, extra drivers are not necessary thanks to Class-Compliant. According to Arturia, the controllers need low power and can easily be powered by an Android or Apple iPad. Of course, Arturia supplies the Microlab keyboards with a large software package. These include Analog Lab Lite, a software instrument that comes with more than 600 presets. UVI Grand Piano Model D and Bitwig 8-Track DAW are also included.

Arturia MicroLab will be available in three versions differing in body color (black, blue, orange). The cost of this new controller will be 80 EUR.

Find More Details: Arturia MicroLab



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      It’s for anyone but is best for mobility, being lite and easy to transport and easy to connect with mobile devices.

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