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Arturia KeyLab Essential is Now Available in Stores

Arturia KeyLab Essential

The newest Arturia range of smart controller keyboards is now available in stores. Whether at the center of your home studio or live setup, the KeyLab Essential will make your life as a music creator easier than ever.

Musikmesse 2017 KeyLab Essential by Arturia

KeyLab Essential is all about you. It’s about what you need, and how you work. It’s about simplifying your creative process and bringing everything together in one place. Entirely under your control. We decided to focus on what is essential, and give you access to the 20% features you need 90% of the time.

KeyLab Essential has been designed to assist you at every stage of your creative process, from the moment you float your early ideas, to their live interpretation. Controlling your software instruments, tweaking their many parameters, triggering clips and mixing your tracks, KeyLab Essential is yours to command!

Analog Lab 2 is included with KeyLab Essential and is your gateway to over 5,000 classic sounds taken from Arturia’s award-winning V Collection. The fun doesn’t stop there, through the Sound Store, you’ll find an ever-growing collection of sound banks full of inspiring presets!

Getting started with the KeyLab Essential is simple and straightforward, but Arturia are always here to help. In this video, Guy Perchard gives a quick overview of the controller and guides you through its setup.

More Details: Arturia KeyLab Essential

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