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ARP 2600 Clone: CA/2600 by Cherry Audio

ARP 2600 Clone CA2600

Looking at the ARP 2600 Clone…Bleeps, Bloops, and Beeps say hello to the CA2600, known to some as the R2D2 Synth. Well, actually, that would go to the ARP 2600; the CA2600 is Cherry Audio’s emulation of the classic that made the Star Wars iconic character come to life.

Cherry Audio’s emulation (CA2600) looks great, scales well, and sounds amazing. This is a big deal when it comes to software emulations. One thing I love is how well balanced the clone is, combining the original features with new additions. You have access to delay, reverb, distortion, and even a preamp, faders, knobs and routing capability all fitting perfectly on screen making sound design options accessible without much need for sub menu clicking.

It’s a great mix of original features mixed in with convenience of modern options.

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Which Artists Have Used The ARP 2600?

Many producers and artists have used the ARP 2600 in their songs, here are few of the more notable ones that come to mind.

Recording ArtistSongs/AlbumsHow ARP 2600 Was Used
Alan ZavodImaginary Voyage, Cosmic MessengerSolos on Jean-Luc Ponty’s albums
Herbie HancockChameleonUsed For Signature Bass lines
The WhoWon’t Get Fooled AgainIntro features ARP 2600
UltravoxViennaAlbum is full of ARP 2600 Leads


Another great artists and musician who uses the ARP 2600 is Stevie Wonder. Now, I’m not sure which specific song Stevie Wonder used the ARP 2600 on, but I have seen multiple videos and full-page magazine articles featuring Stevie Wonder playing around on an ARP 2600. It’s without a doubt in my mind that he uses it within his production setup, along with many other synths.

Stevie Wonder’s innovative use of synthesizers, including the ARP 2600, was especially notable during the 1970s when he produced some of his most critically acclaimed albums such as ‘Talking Book,’ ‘Innervisions,’ and ‘Songs in the Key of Life.’ These albums showcase a range of electronic sounds that potentially involve the ARP 2600, given its versatility.


CA2600: ARP2600 Clone

CA2600 Synth Features

  • Lots of Presets: Comes with over 300 preset sounds.
  • 2 Voice Modes: Can play one or two notes at a time (monophonic or duophonic).
  • Classic Filter: Includes a special filter that can adjust sounds with 12db and 24db settings.
  • Built-in FX: Has distortion, reverb, and delay effects that can be synced with your music.
  • External Audio Input: Allows you to process sounds from other devices.
  • Routing Options: Easy-to-use wiring system that lets you connect parts in various ways.
  • Color Schemes: Choose from blue, gray, or black/orange themes.

Full list of CA2600 Features 


ARP 2600/CA2600: Common Misconception, But Some Truth

A common misconception about the ARP 2600 is that it’s only good for sound effects and unusual sounds. However, you can create some amazing sounding leads that are very strong and bold basslines. The first time I heard Herbie’s Hancock’s Bass in Chameleon, I had to know where it cam from, it was the ARP 2600.

I also find the ARP good for pads and string sounds, given its natural tone and sound character, that I have not been able to recreate on other no ARP synths.

The CA2600 is really a beast if you’re willing to spend a little time tinkering around with it. Even more if you actually spend some time learning how to route and program the CA2600 synth.



The ARP 2600 is a legend. If you want to capture that nostalgic feel without spending a fortune, check out Cherry Audio’s CA2600, its a great emulation and fairly priced at just $29!

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