Arc 5 Synth for Windows VST Plugin by Archetype Instruments

Archetype Instruments has released the Arc 5, a new Synth software for Windows and VST Plugin synthesizer instrument created to generate various sound ranges with less parameters to make this thing easy and fast.

Arc 5 Synthesizer - VST Plugin
Arc 5 Synthesizer – VST Plugin

Arc 5 Synth Software Features:

  • VA: Virtual analogue synthesizer that simulates famous vintage analogue filter and oscillator
  • 7S: Emulates the Supersaw sound with “Mathematically” generated 7 sawtooth waveform
  • FM: Worlds easiest FM synthesizer
  • WG: Physical modeling synthesizer to simulate string and plucked sound
  • EL: Extreme lead sound from hard synced unison voices
  • Arpeggiator: Multimode arpeggiator that can make dynamic phrase pattern
  • Effector: Advanced and easy to use multi-effect processor

Price for Arc 5 is $49.95 USD

Unfortunately this product is no longer available!

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