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Aparillo iPad (iOS) FM Synthesizer App by Sugar Bytes

Sugar Bytes Aparillo iPad iOS Synthesizer App

Sugar Bytes Aparillo synthesizer is now available for the iPad, giving iOS musicians and sound researchers a powerful FM synthesizer.

Aparillo by Sugar Bytes was introduced last year, but “only” as a plug-in for Windows and Mac. Now, the Sugar Bytes company present us the iOS version, just as you know it from the previous products Thesys, Cyclop, Egoist, Turnado and so on.

Sugar Bytes Aparillo iPad Synthesizer App

As before, Aparillo is an extensive FM synthesizer that can handle up to 16 voices. An ingenious arrangement of synthesis, waveshaping, filtering, effects and modulations should make a serious sound designer tool.

Especially exciting is the Orbiter, which allows the blending of numerous synth parameters in a playful way. A modulable scale editor provides unison spreads, harmonic constructs, melodies, up to 16 harmonious orchestras.

In general, Aparillo aims at dynamic sound textures for cinema trailers, electronic music, film music, effect sounds, etc. Supported iOS interfaces include Audio Unit v3 Plugin, Standalone App, and Ableton Link.

Price and Availability

Sugar Bytes Aparillo for iPad (Requires iOS 11 or later) is now available for $ 17.99 in the Appstore and is an interesting sound generator with a charm of its own. Find more details here: Aparillo



Original price was: $17.95.Current price is: $8.98.
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