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Auto-Tune Pro – Now Available In Store

Antares Auto-Tune Pro

The well-known pitch correction plugin Auto-Tune Pro from Antares is now available for all musicians and producers. Auto-Tune is the worldwide standard when it comes to vocal pitch correction.

First introduced at NAMM 2018 this new Pro version of Auto-Tune comes with a newly redesigned user interface. The new interface is intended to offer faster work in Graphical or Automatic Mode.

Add to that ARA Support (analyzing audio data faster than real-time) and a Classic Mode for the legendary Auto-Tune 5 Sound. A new settings menu provides frequently used preferences for session-specific settings. Other new features include MIDI CC Control and HiDPI support for Retina and other high-resolution displays.

Applied to vocals or solo instruments, the software corrects both timing and pitch problems without any problems and with no perceptible artifacts. Important in the development was to preserve the expressiveness of the original recording. Simple problems can be reliably detected already in the automatic mode and corrected on the basis of a given scale.

Auto-Tune owes its fame, however, not to the subtle ironing out of small patches, but the radical detuned of vocals. This makes it a hit as an effect plug-in. Many pop productions of recent years can no longer do without the special character of Auto-Tune.

The simple user interface and clean programming make Auto-Tune an innovative and versatile tool for sound editing. Auto-Tune Pro is available at ProducerSpot’s store in VST, AU, AAX plugin format. Find more about the new Auto-Tune Pro link below.

More Details Here: Auto-Tune Pro

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